Ibai Llanos reveals that he suffers from 70% partial blindness in his left eye

Ibai plainsone of the ‘streamers’ most famous in the country, has unveiled a health problem that few people knew about. The Basque youtuber and electronic sports presenter has explained in a Twitch live who suffers from partial blindness of 70% in his left eye.

‘Call of Duty’ tournament

It is a visual problem that has been dragging during yearsbut it was not until a few months ago that he dared to tell it publicly.

This weekend, after a ‘Call of Duty’ tournament with several ‘streamers’, he was talking about it again, since was forced to explain for his vision problem after they recriminated him from his chat not see some of the details of the game.

Herpes infection

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The first time he spoke about it, a few months ago, he said live: “I couldn’t see anything out of one eye. So, of course, I said, well, the typical thing, ‘this is because of the screen’, that you must have thought about it a lot, ‘I’m blind, I need glasses…’”. But after going to the eye doctor and verifying that he had perfect eyesight, he got scared: “If you can’t see well in one eye, but your eyesight is perfect, it means that you are probably losing your sight because of it. something you have in your brain or for a problem you may have In other site, is a move. It is a move not to see in one eye and that it is not an eye problem & rdquor ;, added the ‘streamer’.

After the results from the eye doctor, he decided to have tests and it was then that he discovered that the reason for this loss of vision was due to “a herpes infection” that he had when he was a child. “If you get herpes, you may have some side effect and, apparently, the side effect I’ve had when I’ve gotten older has been that I’ve lost 70% of the sight in my left eye,” Llanos explained live. .

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