• Singer Lucero confesses that she did get infected with coronavirus
  • In his Instagram account he shared a video where he affirms that he was infected
  • “Needless to say, I never wanted to go through this,” he said.

The Mexican singer and actress Lucero surprised her followers by making a strong confession on social networks, and she decided to make a recording where she says she was infected with coronavirus.

Through your account Instagram, the 51-year-old artist, shared a video where she says she had COVID-19, and reveals that she was very afraid when she found out.

The singer took the opportunity to also send a message to her followers, about taking the necessary precautions to avoid the spread: “Well, here is the story and some details of how my experience with Covid was. Needless to say, I never wanted to go through this. Thank God I am very well. I want to ask you not to stop taking care of ourselves and wearing face masks. “, He put in his publication.


On her YouTube channel, Lucero tells her followers about what happened when she found out that she was infected, now, fortunately, she is fine, says the artist, according to El Universal.

“I was infected with Covid”

“I want to tell you that I was infected with Covid, I was infected with Covid and fortunately I got out of it, as I was saying, I am very lucky and there are many factors that I think helped a lot so that today I am well,” she began by saying.

“I tell them because at no time is it something that has to be hidden or is it something bad, of course it is something bad, but it is not something that one provokes; It is not a secret that you have to keep it, that no one knows why what a bad wave ”, said Lucero

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“This is something that we are all exposed to, it is a global issue that helps us share with great empathy, with great solidarity, dear; at no time wanting to publicize this, or attract attention, much less, is simply being able to have this communication with my audience, with my beautiful people, “he added.


“I am very afraid and I begin to think how it will touch me”

Lucero infected with coronavirus. Then the beautiful actress Lucero, tells how she regrets that many people still do not believe in this pandemic that we are going through, despite the millions of people who have died.

Lucero infected with coronavirus 2


“I don’t want to make a show of this or make you think that I am an expert in something or that I have different information than we all have. I think we have lacked certain information for a long time, many people unfortunately still probably do not believe that this virus can exist, I have heard many things, like all of you, “said the singer.

She also affirms that she was very afraid when she found out that it was positive: “The day I discover through a test, I discover that I am positive, immediately, of course, I feel very afraid, I feel very afraid and I begin to think how it will touch me, because nobody is sure that we are going to be okay ”.

Lucero infected with coronavirus 3


He even mentioned that he had very few symptoms, such as when he was training he felt a little tired, and he also regrets having infected his little daughter Lucero Mijares, who also did not have symptoms.

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Finally, the singer and actress asked her followers to continue with preventive care so as not to go through the same situation as them.

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