‘I don’t think my stick’s left the front porch in four years’: Sidney Crosby preaches the importance of values ​​such as the Humboldt Broncos’ Core Covenant

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April 6 marked the four-year anniversary of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash — a tragedy that NHL superstar Sidney Crosby continues to think about today.

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The crash killed 16 members of the Broncos hockey team and staff and injured another 13.

“Obviously they’re in our thoughts and our prayers too and I don’t think my stick’s left the front porch in four years, it’s still there,” Crosby said during an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos ahead of the anniversary.

“So, obviously always thinking about them and I’m not surprised the way the hockey community has come together to try and be there and support them and hopefully that’s continuing to this day.”

The community support continues to be there for the Broncos as the Humboldt Broncos Memorials Committee’s $35-million fundraising campaign continues toward its goal of building a tribute center in Humboldt, Sask., and a permanent memorial at the crash site.

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Crosby said he was “stunned” when the crash happened four years ago and he immediately started thinking about how he could provide support.

“Growing up playing hockey I think it just stunned me and I think immediately you’re sad and then your next thought is, ‘How can we help?’ … And I think that’s typically how the hockey community reacts when things like that happen,” he said.

The tribute centre’s goal is to become a symbol for resilience, perseverance and team values, all of which is hoped to be integrated into programming at the proposed tribute centre.

The tribute center will also embrace the values ​​set by late Broncos head coach Darcy Haugan’s Core Covenants. The Core Covenant was the foundation of the Broncos team culture which called on members to put family first, to treat teammates and co-workers with respect and to always give more than you take.

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Chris Joseph, who lost his son Jaxon Joseph in the crash, said the Core Covenant has made a big impact on him and the way he coaches today.

“Darcy created a team culture with the Broncos that was incredible,” said Joseph.

Crosby, captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, also said values ​​like the Core Covenant go a long way.

“I think whatever it is for anybody those values, regardless of what you do or what your passion is, if you live by those you’re going to be successful and you’re going to be a good person,” Crosby said.

“Every day, I think to be reminded of that, to see it on the wall, to be reminded of that is really important in different situations.”

Four years later and Humboldt continues to be remembered throughout the country. The Edmonton Oilers hosted a Humboldt Broncos night on April 1 and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted a message to the Humboldt community on the anniversary of the crash.

“We will always remember your loved ones. We are inspired by the strength, perseverance, and resilience you have shown as a community over the past four years. Together, we are #HumboldtStrong,” Trudeau said.

Information about the Humboldt Broncos tribute center and memorial fundraising campaign can be found online at broncostributecampaign.com.

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