The pandemic changed the way shoppers consume. Confinement and growing infections forced people to take greater care in personal and home hygiene, which was reflected in the increased consumption of cleaning brands.

This was announced by the Brand Footprint 2022 ranking made by Kantar in its 10th edition on the most consumed brands in Mexico. During 2020, the three brands that grew the most were Salvo with 25%, Clemente Jacques with 14% and 1,2,3 detergent with 12 percent.

Likewise, six of the 10 brands that managed to attract more buyers during the pandemic were cleaning and personal hygiene. Salvo ranked first by attracting more home buyers with 8.8 percentage points. Other brands that were among the ten most purchased were: Zote, Roma, Palmolive and Suavitel.

70% of the brands consumed in Mexico moved position, but in the home care category, the first three positions, held by Cloralex, Suavitel and Zote, remained.

In personal care, Colgate and Pamolive continue to lead. Kleen Baby managed to climb to third place, displacing Savilé to fifth with Saba in fourth position.

This was not the only phenomenon that the pandemic left in the marks. The steady rise in inflation also caused a change in overall consumption. Although the average number of brands chosen per year has remained consistent at 55 brands per household, the lower-cost ones are slowly gaining ground.

Jarritos managed to position itself as one of the brands that grew the most with 10 percent. It also ranked first in how often consumers make trips to purchase the product at 15.8 percent. Red Cola ranks fifth as it is one of the most consumed beverage brands in the metropolitan area.

In dairy products, Nutri was one of the most consumed brands nationwide, ranking number five, thanks to its presence in the top ten brands with the highest consumption in two of the three main cities in the country.

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