Huskies and Foreurs end-of-season report: “An incredible year”

While the leaders of the Huskies are satisfied with the number of spectators present in the stands during the year, the story is different on the side of the Foreurs.

Despite an appeal to the public made with a dozen games to play in the season, the team’s president, Dany Marchand, said he was disappointed with the low number of spectators present during the playoffs.

Honestly, the two playoff games go pretty well. 1200 people per game. We are told that the weather is nice, but it was nice in Rouyn-Noranda too and there were 2,300 people. It’s Monday and Tuesday, clearly, but in Rouyn-Noranda it was also Monday and Tuesday. I don’t blame the 1200, the 1200 were there. It’s the 800, the 900, the other 1000. Where were these people?asks Mr. Marchand.

Dany Marchand, president of the Val-d'Or Foreurs

Dany Marchand, president of the Val-d’Or Foreurs (archives)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Émélie Rivard-Boudreau

On the side of Rouyn-Noranda, the operational director, Gilles Bérubé, maintains that the COVID-19 has played a significant role in the assistances during the year.

There were a few games where we had fewer fans, but the 6th wave hit Rouyn-Noranda very hard. A lot of people were telling us: “my wife has COVID, I’m afraid I have COVID”. We have a lot of older supporters over 50 and 60, more at risk, so people had a fear with thathe said.

Gilles Bérubé seated in a chair.

The operational director of the Huskies, Gilles Bérubé.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Michel Cotnoir

The team’s general manager, Marc-André Bourdon, is delighted with the support obtained, particularly during the playoff game.

Our supporters have been very patient this year. They supported us very well during the difficult period of COVID. Our fan base was there and we are very grateful. It was noisy in the playoffs against Shawinigan, it almost reminded me of the year of the cup, the fans were so noisyhe expresses.

Marc-André Bourdon seated on a chair.

Rouyn-Noranda Huskies general manager Marc-André Bourdon.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Michel Cotnoir

Rank up next year

On the sporting level, the two teams aspire to gain places in the standings next year, they who are in the reconstruction phase.

The general manager of the Foreurs, Pascal Daoust, qualifies the season which has just ended incredible and exceptional.

Recalling the logistical constraints and the numerous injuries with which the team had to deal during the season, Mr. Daoust insisted on underlining the resilience of his group of players.

This group of players there, this group of goalkeepers there fought with the conditions on the edge. I am proud and impressed. Would we have liked to finish higher? Yes. Should we have finished higher? Yes. We’ll never know ’cause we missed it all he says.

Pascal Daoust sits and speaks on the microphone during a press conference.

Pascal Daoust, general manager of the Foreurs de Val-d’Or (archives)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Marc-André Landry

Despite the challenges encountered this year, Mr. Daoust is optimistic for the seasons to come.

This season will have provided us with a choice that I call a future “abacus” choice. in 2023, a first-round pick in 2022, a top prospect and a surprise that we’ll unpack everyone together in the draft,” he said.

Without wanting to set a specific goal in the standings, the general manager of the Huskies wants to see his team grow in power over the next two years.

I don’t like to use that expression that much, but we can say that the future is rosy, the future looks good. We are trying to build a team that will be competitive in the next two years, but also in the long term so as not to have to drop too low in the standings afterwards.he concludes.

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