Hundreds of Russian sailors refuse to land to fight in Ukraine war

Some 600 Russian sailors they would have mutinied to disobey orders to land and fight in the region of Odessain southern Ukraine, as reported this Saturday by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the main agency of the Ukrainian secret services.

“Near Odessa about 600 sailors have rebelled and refused to disembark because they understood what was happening,” the SBU reported in a message posted on Telegram.

“Kill those who want to flee”

In addition, the SBU has denounced that Russia applies a “Stalinist repression“about their own military with”firing squads” who march behind the troops to “kill those who want to flee”.

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“They told us not to go back because we were followed by firing squads who kill deserters who try to go home,” a Russian prisoner of war said, according to the SBU.

For this Ukrainian organization “the occupation Army is demoralized and repressedso Ukraine’s victory is not far off.”

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