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About 400 public daycare centers in Quebec are closed as of today after contract negotiations stalled and employees of one of the major unions declared a general strike.

Approximately 10,000 nursery workers affiliated with the Confederation of National Trade Unions are taking part in the strike, and the main stumbling block is the salaries of support staff.

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While Quebec offers a salary increase of about 20 percent over three years for educators, support staff, including those working in maintenance, cooking and administration, were offered raises of up to nine percent over three years.

A union representing employees of public day care centers noted that similar jobs are paid between 20% and 35% more in schools and other parts of the public sector.

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Treasury Board President Sonia LeBel acknowledged in a radio interview Wednesday that daycare support staff don’t earn as much as their peers in the public sector, but said that’s because their responsibilities and the work environment are different.

Speaking to reporters, Prime Minister Francois Legault scrapped the return-to-work legislation “for the time being.”

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