Humanitarian flight with 230 Ukrainians arrives in Regina |

A humanitarian flight carrying 230 Ukrainian citizens arrived in Regina on Monday night, accompanied by a woman whose photo 50 years ago became symbolic of the horrors of another war.

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A Saskatchewan government spokesman confirmed that Phan Thị Kim Phuc, the girl in the famous photo of the 1972 Vietnam napalm attack, was on board the flight carrying refugees from Russia’s war in Ukraine from Warsaw to Canada.

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An Associated Press report noted that Kim Phuc, 59, a Canadian citizen, traveled with her husband Bui Huy Toan from Toronto to board the humanitarian flight.

The report says he wants his story and work for refugees to be a message of peace.

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The iconic Associated Press photo of Phuc running with his napalm-scalded body exposed was filmed on the fuselage of the private non-governmental organization plane that flew the refugees to Regina.

The Saskatchewan government said in a press release that more than 1,000 Ukrainians have arrived in the province since Russian armed forces invaded the country in February.

“Saskatchewan officials have been working with the Ukrainian Embassy in Canada to coordinate assistance and support for Ukrainian citizens fleeing the ongoing war in their home country,” said MLA Terry Dennis, who is also the legislative secretary responsible for relations with Ukraine in Saskatchewan. a declaration.

“In the true spirit of Saskatchewan, various community groups, organizations and individuals have also spent hours upon hours preparing to help these Ukrainian families and individuals settle in our province.”

Passengers on Monday’s flight would receive temporary accommodation in Regina, access to key supports and information related to life in Saskatchewan, the government said.

The government also said there is a settlement reception center, with interpreters, where new arrivals can get Saskatchewan health cards, assistance opening bank accounts, and information on housing, employment, education and income.

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The province said it will send non-perishable food, sleeping bags, medical supplies and other requested items on the return flight for distribution to people in Ukraine.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on July 4, 2022.

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