Although no decision has been made yet, HSBC México does not exclude to analyze whether it participates in the purchasing process of Banamex, whose sales would begin in the spring, as announced a few days ago by the global director of Citigroup, Jane Fraser.

Jorge Arce, President and CEO of HSBC México, explained that in this bank they are looking at the possibility of participating in the said process, but that no decision has been made yet as it is a recent announcement.

“I do not say yes or no, just that, given the size and importance, you should always keep your eyes open,” he said.

Arce explained in a video conference that they know the operation well, they have the figures and they know what it’s worth and what an event like this represents, “but we did not analyze it seriously; we made no decision; The process has not started yet, it starts in the spring, but it is a wonderful opportunity for everyone who makes the decision to buy it. “

He pointed out that since HSBC they see if it would be strategic for the bank, and he thought there is no banker in mexico who does not think about how much it is worth Banamex and how it can be integrated.

We do numbers and everyone thinks and works and sees opportunities. It means nothing extraordinary; “everyone is going to assign a different value to it, depending on who the potential buyer is,” he said.

Great opportunity for any bank

Jorge Arce, who also recently served as chairman of the board of HSBC México, highlighted it Banamex it’s a very valuable franchise, so it’s a great opportunity for any bank or investor to try to analyze the opportunity and buy it, merge it or whatever is allowed.

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“This is a bank that has existed for more than 150 years; it had several owners, it is a very important franchise for the country; It has many customers and many value. “Anyone who buys it will realize a value, will invest in the country in the long run”, he emphasized.

He added: “it has a great team, some super clients, a great name, it has a lot of value for Mexico Banamex.”

We are in the process of investment growth

The president and director of HSBC México mentioned that the bank’s strategy is to focus on strengthening the Customer experience, especially from the digital side, for which heavy investment will continue.

He announced that although there is no exact amount yet, more than $ 100 million will be invested this year, both in the digital and physical part.

He also mentioned that they will continue to grow in wholesale, business and corporate banking.

“We invest in all our businesses; we make improvements to our physical infrastructure of the branches. We are in a process of investment growth, ”he said.

Jorge Arce explained that Mexico offers many opportunities for a global bank like HSBC. “This is a country that is fully integrated into global production chains, fully integrated into international trade, and this is where HSBC works best.”


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