How to transfer data and set up a new iPhone 13 [VIDEO]

Apple has shared a new video detailing how to transfer data to a new iPhone, as the company’s iPhone 13 line launches today. The video focuses on how to transfer data to your new iPhone using iCloud.

“Starting with iOS 15, you can use iCloud to transfer your apps and data from your old iPhone to a new device, even if you don’t have enough storage space. You will be provided with all the temporary iCloud storage you need to back up your applications and data for 21 days, ”says Apple.

“Then when you’re ready to set up your new iPhone, just use that backup to transfer all the data from your old device. If you haven’t set up your new iPhone within 21 days of starting the iCloud backup, you can choose to keep your backup for an additional 21 days in Settings, ”the company adds.

Instead of using iCloud to transfer data to your iPhone 13, try a device-to-device transfer instead of calling Quick Launch. This method takes more time, but it moves all your existing logins to your new iPhone, which an iCloud backup does not. Many of the early reviewers of the iPhone 13 are clapping this method as it has improved a lot compared to previous years.

All you have to do is place your old iPhone next to your iPhone 13 and follow the instructions that appears. You will need the passcode of your current device. This method takes more time, so give it a try and let it happen on its own.

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