Members of Waterloo Regional Crime Stoppers were out in the community Saturday handing out key fob signal protectors to drivers.

The little black pouches are designed to block the signals given off by key fobs which are used to start vehicles at the push of a button.

Thieves can intercept those signals, then reprogram the vehicle and drive away with it.

Saturday’s event was about raising awareness about keyless ignition auto theft.


Here are some tips from police for preventing relay and reprogramming theft:

  • Park vehicle inside locked, secure garage
  • Block access to onboard diagnostic port (police said these devices can be purchased online)
  • Use a steering wheel locking device
  • Place the key fob in a frequency shielding bag or pouch to block signals when not in use
  • Equip your vehicle with GPS tracking, which may help locate it or the suspects
  • Ensure keys are accounted for and never left in the vehicle
  • Lock your vehicle
  • Never leave a vehicle running and unattended
  • Purchase a surveillance system to record any suspicious activity

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