How to score the goal, by Rosa Paz

Given the gibberish of statements and insinuations that accompany the most recent crisis, and perhaps more serious, of the Government coalition, it is difficult to know what are the ultimate reasons for the confrontation between the two parties in coalition or, better, between the president himself, the socialist Pedro Sanchez, and the second vice president, the podemista Yolanda Diaz. Is it a dispute over the contents, as they suggest in United We Can? Is it just a question of methodology, how do they transmit from the PSOE? Or is it a fight to see who gets the point of a reform (repeal or modernization, depending on who speaks) of the labor market reform, perpetrated by the Executive of Mariano Rajoy in 2012 and whose modification will have a great impact on the electorate of the left?

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The sequence of events could indicate that the attempt of the first vice president, Nadia Calvin, of protecting the negotiation with the social agents, was aimed at preventing the new labor market regulation goes too far, irritate employers or raise suspicions in the European Union. That is, it would be a matter of content. But seeing how the subsequent controversy has evolved and how the relationship between the two parties has become enraged, it gives the feeling that there may be differences on what, but that to that is added the decision of the PSOE not to remain at the margin of a measure that would further reinforce the image of Yolanda Díaz, who is the highest valued person in the government, with great support, even among socialist voters.

If Sánchez himself stated at the closing of the PSOE congress his intention to “put an end to it & rdquor; to the reform of the Rajoy labor market, it is evident that he wants to make it clear that the initiative is his (or also his) and intends to sign up for both its repeal / modernization. At most he will be willing to share it with United We Can, because it is a measure “of the entire Government & rdquor ;, but he will not compromise that the success is attributed by Díaz exclusively.

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