How to replant the Christmas tree after the holidays?

After the Christmas holidaysIt’s time to pick up the decorations. Cribs, colored candles, red and gold tablecloths… return to their boxes to be deployed in eleven or twelve months along with new plants that will decorate homes next Christmas.

It is also time to remove the traditional Christmas trees, City Councils throughout Spain make tree collection sites available to citizens. Barcelona, ​​for example, has installed 227 points of fir tree harvesting distributed throughout the territory that will be active until this Monday, the day on which the collection also ends in Esplugues de Llobregat (Baix Llobregat), a town that will convert them into organic fertilizer at the end of the Christmas holidays.

And that is the problem, that very few city councils replant those fir trees that have occupied the main place in Spanish homes, whether in the living room or in the hall.


“You have to be responsible and, if you want a live tree for Christmas, you should buy one with the possibility of transplanting it later in the field, and do that transplant”, says Teresa del Río, an expert in plant ecophysiology and doctor in biology. “If you don’t have that intention, it is preferable to buy an artificial one, which can also last for many years,” he says.

However, it must be taken into account that there are autonomous communities that do not allow individuals to replant on their own Christmas trees, considering that, being a “non-indigenous species, it represents an alteration of the environment and an infringement of environmental regulations”, as recalls the Community of Madrid in a statement. In the note, he recommends “contacting the municipal services or with the Corps of Forest Agents Community of Madrid”. This measure allows “citizens to give it a second life to these trees“, since they will be in charge of “planting them in artificial green areas such as parks and gardens. In this way, the fir trees that can grow in areas of the urban area where they do not put plant biodiversity at risk”, concludes the text of the regional government.

With root ball and root

Another added problem is that “sometimes they sell them with hardly any root ball and root; in those cases it is difficult for them to survive & rdquor ;, explains Del Río. In any case, you have to look closely and be rooted when you buy if you want to transplant, since, in many cases, the base of the tree is a cut on wood without root.

To replant the Christmas tree after the holidays, and for it to survive, the first step is when it comes to acquiring it: you have to choose one that has roots and a root ball – which is the mass of earth that is left attached to the roots of the plants. to transplant them-, so a good idea is to take it already in pot or pot.

The maintenance of it during the holidays is also very important. Remember that it is a living being that you belong to cold or sub-zero habitats, so it will have to be watered during the time it is decorated with Christmas balls and lights. Otherwise, it may only be intended to be compost or go straight to the trash.

Wet land

The soil must always be moist and it is convenient to spray the leaves daily to compensate for the lack of humidity in the environment. You have to water it abundantly so that the water reaches all the roots, and every two or three days.

A formula to do it correctly is to pour a little water, wait for the soil to absorb it and repeat the operation until it is well wet. It is advisable to put a plate for the excess water and empty it after each watering, since the accumulation of liquid in the base can damage the roots.

prevent it from getting dry

Another important care so that it does not dry out and can be replanted at the end of the festivities in a park or area set up for it in the city is to place the tree in a well-lit, ventilated place and away from heat sources, such as radiators or stoves. .

At the end of the holidays, you have to remove all the hanging decorations from the branches and take it outside from time to time. It is also advisable open the windows to the extent possible.

To plant it, there are several options: in a pot or directly in the forest. If you have your own garden, it can also be replanted and reused for years to come, since it only grows a few 30 centimeters a year.

cover the root ball

The optimal way to do it is “dig a medium hole in the soil, where the entire root ball can fit without protruding from the surface of the earth or being too sunken,” says Dr. Del Río. Basically, it is that the soil cover the root ball.

After that, you have to fill it with soil, remembering to “separate the roots so they can breathe and grow better,” says the specialist in plant ecophysiology, just as it should be done when any plant or tree is transplanted. “The earth must have a substrate with organic contribution“, he adds, “although later it is completed with the one that exists in the area”.

Finally, it mustpress a little the earth so that resist if there is any gust of wind and irrigate with abundant water so that it grows”, he concludes.

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It is convenient to look for a cold forest or a zone of the garden where it does not get too much sun, shaded.

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