If you are the type to leave your windows open to let the sun in during the summer season, these valuable tips offered by the Ottawa Police are for you, because it is not only gentle rays that are likely to enter your house.

In the summer, many are inclined to leave the door unlocked or the windows open. It does, however, expose them to “become the target of potential thieves,” the Ottawa Police Break and Enter Section said.

It is therefore necessary to be extra careful during the summer season.

Lock your doors and windows

Even if you are at home, be sure to lock your doors to prevent an intruder from entering your home while you watch the children in the pool. Also, always check that your windows are securely locked before going to bed. This will save you from unpleasant surprises.

Put away what’s important

Your ID cards, passports, car keys should be stored out of sight, away from doors and windows. A hand slipping through a window opening can quickly steal your driver’s license.

Keep your absence private

When you have to be away, don’t say so. Don’t advertise it on social media, either. “Wait until you get home before sharing your vacation photos,” Ottawa Police Sgt. Ritchie advised in a statement.

Outsmart the thieves

Whether by mowing the lawn, adding a timer to the lights or suspending the distribution of newspapers: all the reasons are good to make thieves believe that the house is inhabited.

Call the police

Even if you think it’s not worth the bother, you should call the police. “One of our communications officers will be able to assess the situation and determine the course of action. Your call could save someone else from being the victim of a crime,” said the sergeant.

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