How to Pick a PropTech App Developer for Toronto

It’s no secret that the local real estate market is very hot. Not only is Toronto the most populous city in Canada, but it’s also the fastest-growing city in the country. It welcomes more newcomers than any other place in the nation. 

And everyone in the Greater Toronto Area needs a place to live — people looking to buy homes as well as people looking for short-term and long-term rentals. On the flip side, you have rental property owners, investment property owners, and homeowners all interested in generating an income from their assets. 

You also have other players in the vibrant local property market, such as real estate agents, real estate companies, developers, property managers, movers, decorators, furniture manufacturers, and others. 

Toronto’s unique situation makes it a perfect place for all types of PropTech apps. 

What is PropTech anyway?  

PropTech stands for Property Technology. It’s a type of software that helps people engage with the property market. PropTech can be relatively straightforward or highly sophisticated, depending on the nature of the technology. An example of a less complex PropTech app would be a mobile app that helps you find properties that meet your specifications. A more complex example of a PropTech app is an Augmented Reality (AR) app that allows you to visualize customizations to your home on your mobile app screen. 

How do I pick the right PropTech app developer for Toronto? 

1. Pick a Local Developer

Always select a local software agency for Toronto mobile app development for the best results. A local developer will have the necessary skills and market knowledge. They will also have excellent relationships with other resources that could be necessary for your app’s success. 

2. Check Their Skillset 

Check your app developer’s expertise before hiring them. Some app developers specialize in web apps, while others can create mobile apps. Web apps can be cost-effective and faster to develop but may not suit the PropTech industry. 

Work with an agency that can make native apps for mobile devices. Skills in Swift and other iOS programming languages will help them create an excellent iOS app. 

You may also want a native app for Android devices; however, the iOS market is slightly bigger in Canada. Ideally, it would help if you created native apps for both platforms.

An app developer may also offer to create hybrid apps for you. Hybrid apps are essentially web apps in native apps shells. They’re cheaper to make than native apps but usually less sophisticated. A native app can take advantage of a device’s hardware and other features more easily. 

A PropTech app that utilizes a camera’s phones, GPS, and other features works better as a native app. 

3. Do They Have Experience with AR?

As mentioned, modern app developers can make complex apps with augmented reality (AR). Check if your app developer has skills in AR if you have a more advanced PropTech idea. For example, if you want to create an app that helps investors visualize home renovations, you’ll need a native app that leverages AR technology. 

When shopping for an app development agency, always partner with an experienced local team with a strong portfolio that believes in a collaborative process. 

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