How to Make a Million: Original and Strange Money Making Ideas

There are many original ideas for making money in the world. Some of them are disposable, that is, you can’t earn money in this way anymore, others can be used by everyone. However, they all show that a bold, albeit strange, idea can bring significant dividends. People come up with unusual ideas like selling themselves in stocks, offering virtual real estate, native soil, and stars, using themselves as advertising posters, create various projects. Today, we will tell you about the most unusual methods of making money in 2022.

  1. Zak Brown’s potato salad 

Most people have heard about crowdfunding – joint financing of projects. On special platforms, people post their ideas, claim the amount of money they need to implement them, and tell what investors will receive in return. This is what Zack Brown used for his idea of ​​cooking a regular potato salad. His terms were:

  • the cost of the project is $10, i.e., this is the amount that he wanted to collect;
  • investors receive a thank you for transferring $1, a photo of a salad for $2, and a small portion of the salad for $3.

You will be surprised to hear that the enterprising American raised over $50,000. As a result, he rented a café, made a large amount of salad, and invited everyone to taste it.

  1. Facial advertising

One of the original methods to make money is advertising on the face. So, two young people posted ads on the Internet that they were ready to advertise any company by applying their logo on their faces. Customers were not long in coming, and the guys drew logos on their faces and walked the streets like that. Nowadays, walking advertisements are very popular, and these people are ready to place any ad on their faces – from plumber services to casino bonuses in Canada. This is especially relevant in the USA and Canada.

  1. Unusual subscription 

The original way of earning money was invented by the Swiss S. Lichti. He offered the delivery of socks by subscription. It all started with the fact that Lichti noticed that people spend a lot of time choosing socks in the store. Then he invited people to select socks once and subscribe to them, according to which he sent the selected number of pairs to the specified address at certain intervals.

The business has become so popular that now the entrepreneur has also organized the delivery of underwear. This business already works in 74 countries around the world. It turns out that with the right approach, you can organize a good business in the delivery of goods with a minimum investment.

  1. Friends and hugs for rent 

Earning on being friends for rent is also popular. So if a person has no one to go to the cinema, theater, or go on vacation with, he can turn to this service and choose a companion. In even a stranger way, firms selling hugs make money. A person who needs friendly support can apply to such a firm and, for a certain amount of money, they will hug and pat on the shoulder.

  1. Places in a line

Even though the times of huge queues in stores have passed, queues are still quite common in our lives, for example, at the embassy or visa center. This gave rise to another type of income – the sale of places in the queue, or services to replace a client in this queue.

A person who wants to earn money simply comes to the right institution and takes a queue. Then he can sell his place. At the request of the client, he simply takes a queue and stands in it, and the client comes at the right time.

  1. ​​Selling virtual items

By playing games in which the development of virtual items is possible, you can earn money on them. A great example is a young American woman who used Second Life to acquire illiquid buildings and land plots. In the same game, she sold them, and then withdrew the received virtual money from the game and exchanged it for real money. Such earnings are convenient because you can make money without leaving your home, wherever you live.

  1. Personal paparazzi

Some people want to film every step. Entrepreneurial young people took advantage of this by organizing a company offering the services of personal paparazzi. The service turned out to be in great demand, and earnings practically do not require investments, so it is available to almost everyone who has a camera and knows how to use it.

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