How to have the covid passport always at hand on the mobile?

  • Taking a screenshot of the certificate or saving it in a phone application are the main options available

As of this Friday, December 3, those over 13 years of age must necessarily show the covid certificate To access bars, restaurants and residences on Catalonia. Until now, the document was only required to enter nightlife venues.

Despite the fact that the covid passport obtained through the My greetings It is a PDF, users will only need the QR, which the staff of each establishment must scan. Thus, people will not need the complete document with their personal data, but the code will be enough.

As there are more and more places where the certificate is required, it can be very useful to have the QR on the phone to always have it at hand.

Digital wallet

Some users have chosen to do a simple screenshot of the document, but there are other options, such as adding the QR to a digital wallet on mobile, which will vary depending on the device’s operating system.

In the case of Iphone, the default application is Apple Wallet and if it is Android there are several ‘apps’ available such as, for example, Your Wallet.

Once any of these applications have been installed, you must access the web of Get Covid Pass EU from the phone.

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You will then have to ‘click’ on “Create yours“and choose if you want scan the qr code that appears in the document that has been downloaded from La Meva Salut or upload the certificate in PDF to the website.

Once done, the page will create a Digital version automatically and you will only have to press “add” so that the digital version goes to the digital wallet of the mobile phone.

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