How to Get V Rising Leather

Like any good survival crafting title, V Rising has players scavenging for resources to expand their base and team selection. There are dozens of different resources that players can collect to craft more advanced materials, such as leather. Leather is one of the most sought after materials for beginning V Rising players. Not only does it allow players to expand their base with new items and stations that can be crafted, but it also allows players to upgrade their equipment. This allows players to focus on the more important aspects of the game and less on minor issues like trying to avoid the sun.

However, as with most other materials in V Rising, the leather crafting process is not apparent early in the game. Players must complete various quests, build a sizeable base, and defeat a few bosses before gaining the experience needed to craft leather. Fortunately, if you know the right shortcuts, you can speed up this process and gain access to the leather much faster than normal.

Here are the steps required to acquire leather in V Rising.

How to make V Rising leather

The first step in adding some leather to your inventory is to create the Tannery Station within your base. The Tannery is exactly what it sounds like, a station for turning fur into finer materials. During the first part of V Rising, you will come across wolves, bears, and other animals. When you kill these animals, they will drop Animal Hide. You’ll want to store as much of this Animal Hide as possible inside a chest at your base, as it’ll be vital later on when trying to craft leather.

In order to access the tannery, you will need to kill Keely, the Frost Archer boss. This is a required step in the main quests that you must complete to progress through the story. You can start attacking Keely the Frost Archer by building a blood altar in your base and interacting with it. A menu will appear with all the bosses in the game and the levels you need to beat them. You can choose to track a boss from the menu, which will trigger a trail of blood in the air that you can follow to get to the boss you are tracking. Keely is found at the Bandit Trapper Camp in the northeast part of Farbane Woods. He is directly north of the starting Teleporter in East Farbane Woods.

When you find and kill Keely the Frost Archer, who has a level requirement of 20, you will gain the ability to build the Tannery within your base. The Tannery is found in the Refinement tab of the Build menu and requires 8 Planks and 160 Animal Hides to craft. Select a spot on your base to place the tannery, then exit the Build menu. From here, approach and interact with the station and make sure you have a solid amount of Animal Hide in your inventory. 16 animal skins are needed to make one piece of leather. To start crafting leather, drag the animal hide from your inventory to the station inventory. This will automatically start the brewing process.

Once you have some leather, you will be able to craft new pieces of gear and additional basic items.

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