How to fulfill New Year’s resolutions in Barcelona

“This year, yes,” you repeat to yourself as you jot down on your long list of New Year’s resolutions to go to the gym, quit smoking, and get less angry. 24 hours later, you’re already smoking to get over your anger at skipping the gym. Yes, meet the objectives it is just as difficult as having surfed the omicron wave this Christmas. But for the optimists who haven’t thrown in the towel this year, Barcelona offers endless possibilities to liven up the list. This year, yes, yes, you arrive at New Year’s Eve with a ‘check’ in all your purposes.

“I’ll join the gym”

accessible sport

You stepped on the gym to sign up and, again, to delete yourself. Fail. But your problem is not that you don’t like sports, it’s that you’re not motivated. The way to fix it? Lapso Studios (Diagonal, 606), an ‘indoor cycling’ center with messages of ‘coaching‘. Here you leave the ‘spinning’ and your life goes on wheels.

Or the “gym for bums” RockFit (Méxic, 5), a mix between an escape room and a platform video game, a la Super Mario. Here, you burn calories with custom adventure games. “You come here to have a good time and we take care that it helps you get in shape,” promises Javier Beltrán, the CEO.

Last recommendation, the ’boutique’ gyms. For example, Veevo (Muntaner, 565), which looks more like a social club than a gym. They even have Nespresso at the reception. Wave Magali Room (Bori i Fontestà, 5): loud music, led lights and a lot of muscles. It looks like an after of ‘The Island of Temptations’. Make no mistake, her sessions are only half an hour, but it will be the longest of your life. «happy shoelaces» says his slogan. Impossible not to leave motivated.

“I will eat healthier”

Avoiding cholesterol

When you promised yourself to start 2022 with a bang, you probably weren’t referring to cholesterol. But there it is, not even a pandemic has prevented holiday bingeing. So it’s time to eat healthier. To achieve this, go to ‘healthy’ restaurants.

Do you have the Suís & Bowls (Travessera de Gràcia, 151), a restaurant with balanced nutrition as its flagship. The Maai (Regàs, 30), double eco: ecological and economic. The Flax & Flake Passage (Sant Pere Més Alt, 33), dedicated to healthy gastronomic trends. He Menssana Cafe (Sardenya, 48), with ‘healthy’ dishes throughout the day. Or the Soup (Roc Boronat, 114) specializes in & mldr; Soups! Obviously.

“I will find a partner”

This year you celebrate Valentine’s Day

“It’s a match!” Thus, Tinder, the Celestina of the 21st century, warns that you like each other. You start talking, you play around, you spend instagrams, and then… the face to face. The best recommendation? Botanical Store Appointments. Needless to say why: plants are very fashionable. So much so that you no longer wonder if you’re from cats or dogs, now they’ll tell you if you’re from pothos or ficus. Some recommendations where to go to let your love flourish: in Sant Gervasi, Miter & Mandri Flowers (General Miter, 100), in the Born, The Green Sea (Ronda de Sant Pere, 40) and in Poblenou, the Espai Joliu (Badajoz, 95).

To close the evening, a glass where you can sit nearby and see if you seal the sparks with a movie kiss. Some of the hot spots busiest for first dates: the Madame Jasmine (Rambla del Raval, 22), the 33/45 (Joaquin Costa, 4), the Piñata (Casanova, 19) or the Sugar Bar (Dr. Rizal, 20).

And, if everything goes wrong, you always have the Lilo Coffee (Diputació, 443), a café where you won’t feel or sit alone: ​​there are giant teddy bears whose hugs will make you forget even the most frivolous “it’s not for you, it’s for me”.

“I’ll hang out more with my friends”

interactive plans

Since 2020, your social life has been declining at the same speed as the intention to vote for Ciudadanos. That’s why taking care of friends is on so many lists of resolutions. How? Force each other to spend time together, even if it’s by force: locking yourself in a escape room.

In Barcelona there are all shapes and colors. For example, the terrifying Horror Box, those of spies of Mystery Escape (Diagonal, 111) or the claustrophobic Catalepsy. There are even those who are activists, like those of Artemis Gymkhanas, which will allow you to discover the social fabric of Ciutat Vella.

What are you one of the few who have not yet succumbed to the omicron? Well, you can make them without moving from home, without risking any contagion. For example, the home ‘escape rooms’ of Cocolisto or the ones they sell at the new Lock-clock store, Escape room shop (Montsió, 13), the first portable escape room store in Spain.

“I will renew my wardrobe”

Good pretty and cheap

Your purpose this year is to renew your wardrobe, there are some clothes so old that they look like props from ‘The Bridgertons’. But it’s seeing a ‘Sale’ sign and you end up asking for an exorcism to get rid of the spirit of Emilio Botín that forces you to set the card on fire. Plan B (from good, nice and cheap): the Street markets.

One of the trendiest of the moment is the Manzoni’s Vintage Market, in Pudding (Pau Claris, 90). Created by Sören Manzoni, one of the creators of Apolo’s ‘Nasty Mondays’, every Sunday from 12 noon to 8 p.m., it offers live music, a dozen stalls with various handicrafts, from jewelry to art, and very modern.

Another of the most famous in the city: the Flea Y Fleadonia. On an approximately monthly basis, sign up for the next dates of its markets: Fleadonia returns to Salvador Seguí (Plaza de la Filmoteca) on February 6, and Flea, on February 13, to Plaça Blanquerna (metro Drassanes ).

Lastly, the Booom Market, the ideal place to surrender to consumerism even if you have less budget than a Leticia Sabater video clip: here, prices range between one and five euros. The next editions are on January 20 and 27, at L’Ovella Negra Marina (Zamora, 78).

“I will learn to disconnect”

caring for mental health

Covid has upset us emotionally. But, luckily, after Wuhan’s Pandora’s box, we also opened the mental health melon, and in the new normal, the services dedicated to emotional well-being are booming. And not only the most traditional ones, such as psychological therapy on the couch and sheet music a la ‘The Sopranos’, in Barcelona there are all kinds of activities to fulfill the purpose of learning to disconnect emotionally.

For example, the art therapy. A few sessions at IATBA, the Institute of Transdisciplinary Art Therapy of Barcelona (Regomir, 18), and you will no longer have scratches or paint. «We use dance, painting, theater and all kinds of art to find different approaches to yourself. Of course, under the supervision and guidance of a team of psychotherapists”, explains Anna Buxaderas, director.

Or well-being based on ommmm, like the one offered by the Dojo Zen Kannon (Ronda de la Universitat, 14), a gym where postural health is as important as emotional health. Through yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes, you will reach Nirvana.

Another way to disconnect: turn off the digital noise. Yes, ignore the notifications as if you were Shakira with the Treasury. Total silence. This is the main ingredient of the therapies of (be quiet), so written, with parentheses. The premises, located on Calle Londres (41), combine meditation, Ayurveda, psychotherapy and physiotherapy with this sepulchral silence. Albert Rivera would love it.

“I will read more”

Renew your library

It seems that the new covid wave has also had its positive side: according to Good Reads, the social network of readers, at each peak of infections we beat reading records. Take it as an excuse to go shopping and fill the shelves with new stories.

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stop by Wave Books, the classic of Gràcia (Gran de Gràcia, 217) that last year opened a branch in the center (Pau Claris, 94). or the bookstore Byron (Casanova, 32), already famous on the networks for its ideal fireplace for these cold days. And these are not the only bookstores that hit it on Instagram, there is also the + Bernat (Buenos Aires, 6), the Tokyo Cafe (Sardinia, 369), la Laie by Pau Claris (85), The Raval Central (Elizabeth, 6) o Altair (Grand Via of the Catalan Courts, 616). And, of course, it cannot be missing from the list, the historical Pompeii Bookstore (Cardenal Casañas, 5), which is still open almost a century after its foundation. The list is very long, so surely you fulfill your purpose this year.

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