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A money order, or postal order, is a payment order in which a specific amount to be collected is established; Unlike a check, a money order requires confirming that the account that issues it has sufficient funds for the transaction to be carried out, which is why money order is often a more reliable payment method than checks.

In essence, money orders are official documents that have a clearly specified monetary value.

Do you want to know more about money orders? Here we present a series of characteristics and steps that you cannot miss when issuing or charging one.

Where to get a money order

The first step is to define: where is it possible to get a money order? People can purchase a money order depending on the amount they need to pay. However, it is necessary to take into account that money orders generally have a limited amount.

These are the places where you can get a Money Order:

  1. Tiendas minoristas (Wal-Mart, CVS, KMart, Safeway, Kroger, 7-Eleven)
  2. Banks
  3. Postal Service
  4. Currency exchange stores (all stores that handle money send money)

If you want to buy a money order for a certain amount that exceeds the established limit, you must buy the number of necessary orders. That is, if you want to send a $ 5,000 shipment but the money order limit is $ 1,000, you will need to purchase five money orders.

The price of each is between $ 1 and $ 2 dollars, which are charged either in cash or by debit card, while the shipping fees charged by the postal service in the United States range between $ 1.25 and $ 1.75 dollars.

How to fill out a money order in 5 steps

Are you going to fill a money order? Here are 5 important steps you should follow to make sure that your money order is issued correctly and that the person who is going to receive it has no problem collecting it.

Step 1: fill in the recipient’s name

Before filling in any other information box, write the name of the recipient (person or company) correctly and without leaving any margin for reading error.

The advantage of writing the recipient’s name before any other information is that, by doing so, you are ensuring that no one else can have access to the funds you are sharing.

If you wrote the amount first and for some reason the money order was lost, anyone could collect it.

Step 2: write your address in the buyer section

You must write your address in the buyer’s section, but it is also possible that within the money order it is necessary to write the address of the person to whom the shipment is directed, so it is essential to have all the beneficiary’s data before buying the money order.

Step 3: include your account number if you are paying a bill

If you are going to make the payment of an invoice or service, do not forget to write your account number and include all the necessary data for the payment to be processed and credited to the corresponding institution.

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Step 4: sign the bottom where it says “buyer’s signature”

The last step to make the content of the money order official is by signing in the “buyer’s signature” section; Only after you have signed it will it be possible to access the funds that are in it.

Step 5: save your receipt

Don’t forget to save your receipt, as this is proof that you made the payment for the funds you want to send. If there is any confusion or if the payment is delayed or canceled, then you will have a way to go to the establishment and make the corresponding claim.

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How to fill out a money order for an inmate

The best way to get money to an inmate is by money order or checks; while in prison, electronic bank transfers are prohibited. However, in order to send money through a money order, the buyer must provide personal information that identifies him; Generally, the people who send money through money orders are the relatives, lawyers, and close associates of the person in prison.

An effective way to do this is through JPay; the data to be provided are:

  1. Quantity to send
  2. Inmate identification number (contains 6 numbers)
  3. State in which the beneficiary is imprisoned
  4. Full name of the person in prison
  5. Institution in which the inmate is located
  6. Email of the person sending the money
  7. First and last name of the person sending the money
  8. Phone number of the person sending the money
  9. Address of the person sending the money
  10. Phone number, zip code, state and city of the person sending the money

How to fill out a Western Union money order

This is the data that is included in the money orders of Western Union:

  1. Full name of the buyer (once the name is written, it cannot be changed; if a mistake occurs, it will be necessary to buy a new money order)
  2. Provide data corresponding to the address, zip code, state and city of the buyer)
  3. Sign the purchase
  4. Keep the money order receipt

How to fill out a Moneygram money order

  1. Write the recipient’s name in the “pay to order of” section
  2. Sign clearly and legibly the section “buyer data”
  3. Write the amount that must be paid to the beneficiary


Are you about to send a money order but still have doubts? These are the data that you must take into account at all times:

How can a money order be canceled?

It is possible to cancel a money order by phone, fax or in person, by contacting a customer service representative, who will offer you the necessary forms to proceed with your order.

For this reason, it is important to keep the purchase receipt, as it will be used to carry out the corresponding procedures and verify that you have made the purchase of the money order.

Money order cancellations have an additional cost that can range from $ 7 to $ 30, depending on the institution where you make the purchase.

How to know if they charged a money order?

It is possible to verify that a person has collected the money order electronically. To do this, they must access the usps.com website and write all the information regarding the money order (serial number, amount sent, postal code, etc.)

What happens if a money order is lost?

From the moment you find out that the money order is lost, it will be necessary to immediately contact the place where you made the purchase, since otherwise it is possible that the funds will be withdrawn.

Before, they will ask you to provide information corresponding to the serial number of the money order, the name of the beneficiary, the place of issue and the date.

How can I get the money back from a money order?

The only way to recover the money from a money order that has been lost or stolen is to verify that the person who collected it is not the same person to whom it was addressed, as it will be the responsibility of the financial institution to grant the funds to the correct person.

Thus, keeping your purchase receipt will be a decisive factor in the face of any type of inconvenience that may arise in the process.


Undoubtedly, the postal order or money order is a highly recommended option to make payments for services or send money to people who are in another city. This is useful for people who do not have a bank account in the United States, or who are unable to go to a bank, as would be the case with people in prison.

At a price that is affordable for most people, money orders do not usually exceed $ 2, and their commission varies depending on the amount that will be sent.

Remember that it is essential to correctly write the name of the recipient and the beneficiary, since, unlike a check, a money order cannot be modified.

If it is broken or lost, it will be necessary to acquire a new one and notify the institution that issued it that the money order is not in a position to be cashed.

Always keep the receipt of payment of the money order will be a very important step, as it will mean that any error in the collection can be reversed and that the refund will be guaranteed in case the bank makes a mistake in the delivery.

Source: Western Union

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