How to boost the office real estate market? Technology can be the solution

The office market At an international level, it faces the challenge of occupying the available spaces in a context of changes to the traditional forms of work that have emerged from Covid-19.

Faced with a scenario of greater remote work schemes, specialists agreed that it will be through the technology that the Offices reduce your vacancies.

How? According to Carlos Waech, founder of the startup Uroff, in the short term there are no indicators that show a prompt recovery of occupations in the Officesespecially if the income schemes do not change.

In addition, according to the trends of the younger generations of workers, it is necessary for employers to offer hybrid modelswhich do not force them to occupy a full-time office.

“Maintaining the old form will continue to increase vacancy, the new form is that the same office houses five, seven, ten companies, which use it for certain spaces, defined times, even with a higher rent,” Waech pointed out.

Therefore, for the specialist, it will be the contracts and flexible real estate spacesthat offer punctual needs to users, who need from a desk and a chair, to complete conditioned floors.

Thus, through technology and digital tools, it will be easier for the owners and administrators of the spaces to segment a greater number of different tenants that they serve.

The Airbnb of offices

For the representative of the Uroff platform, in order to reduce the vacancy of the empty spaces of Officesan alternative is for developers to make their offer available in rental models per day, hours and even for a single office, through platforms that make the process as simple as renting a house for a couple of days.

“What we have seen is a new way for the user, a person in general, to use this technology. People use technology for everything, for supermarket purchases, for vacations, for work steps, it is necessary to use it in favor”, Waech sentenced.

Thus, the director pointed out that workers want adequate work spaces, but under their own conditions and needs.

“Before, whoever had control over how to occupy the spaces was the owner of the company, certain leaders, but today the team has it, they decide when to go, this is a work trend,” he said.

Satisfaction certifications

For Tomás Cartagena, CEO of Trend Group America, it is important to know the needs of tenants, which is why he considered that certifications such as the “best place to live” will gain importance among tenants. real estate developments seeking to increase their flows.

“It is a certification that can be achieved by real estate developersthe tool to achieve certification is the Real Estate Client Perception Evaluation”, the executive pointed out.

“It is a proptech tool that connects with the client and generates all the information on the results for the company so that they can know the client’s satisfaction in their project.”

For the director of the startup, tenants will not only look for locations and quality of assets when choosing a building, but will also evaluate the ease of procedures, closing agreements and even the amenities offered by the property.

“There is a very important decision driver for people who want to buy solutions and not problems, the prestige of companies is increasingly important,” said the Trend Group America representative.

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