How to Add a Visa Gift Card to Venmo

The modern financial landscape has certainly undergone a massive transformation over the past decade. Moreover, this revolution has given way to the rise of digital payment systems. However, with a steep learning curve associated with using many of these systems, an explanation of some of the tasks within the platform is necessary. Therefore, in this guide we will explain how to add a Visa gift card to Venmo.

Venmo has become one of the most popular digital payment services. Penetrating the cultural zeitgeist, there were over 77 million active users in 2022. What’s more, this figure represented a massive increase of over 10% from a year earlier.

The process of integrating a Venmo app is pretty straightforward. However, working with alternative payment methods can be difficult terrain to navigate for some modern users.

A type of payment method like Visa gift cards presents a difficulty for some. So, in this guide, we will discuss the process of integrating these gift cards into your Venmo app. Additionally, we will address a few other common questions related to this activity.

How to Add a Visa Gift Card to Your Venmo

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As previously stated, Venmo’s popularity is certainly undeniable. Additionally, Visa gift cards are a rather popular gift to give to individuals. The card allows them to have a fixed amount to use at a wide range of different merchants.

It’s important to note that there are certain prerequisites when it comes to initiating a Visa gift card transfer to Venmo. First, you will need to have a Venmo account. Second, you will need to have a Visa gift card registered in your name and activated. Additionally, you will need to have an active amount on the gift card that will cover the transfer fees.

If you meet all of these standards, let’s take a look at the process in a few rather simple steps.

Access the Venmo app

As we stated previously, you will already need to have a working Venmo account. When this is enabled, you will want to access this app on your mobile app. The transfer process will start from the Venmo app itself.

Locate the settings

Next, you will need to locate the app settings menu. It’s pretty simple and starts by locating the three lines at the top left of your screen. From there, you should see the settings part of this menu. When you select this, you should have a selection of options to enter the field on your screen.

payment methods

From here, you’ll want to change the payment methods you currently have on your Venmo account. Specifically, select Payment Methods from the settings menu. it should be available in the list of options under the Settings banner.

Add the map

To initiate the transfer, you will want to select the Add Bank or Card feature. Once this broader instruction is selected, it should ask you to specifically select a card to add to your account.

Enter information and finalize

Finally, you will want to enter information specific to the Visa gift card you have. This information includes things like card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Once you’ve completed these steps, you should be able to select the Add feature, with the gift card now part of your Venmo account.

How to transfer funds

Can you Venmo yourself?Can you Venmo yourself?
Source: Venmo

Now that your Visa gift card is added to your Venmo account, you have the option to add the funds from that card to the account itself. This is a fairly simple process that takes place in a few very simple steps.

  • Select the You tab in the Venmo app
  • Select Manage Balance
  • Select Add Money
  • Choose the newly integrated Visa gift card as the source
  • Enter the amount to transfer
  • Select Add now

Once you’ve followed these steps, the money should be transferred to your Venmo balance, allowing two different ways to get a Visa gift card into your account.


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