In the editorial staff of the weekly HVG, it is the concern. Journalist Dávid Dercsényi who works here was spied on, via his phone. In Hungary, four journalists were victims of the Pegasus spyware, bought by Budapest from Israel. Hungary, which is part of the European Union, led by the conservative Viktor Orban, therefore spies on members of civil society, and even the wife of David Dercsényi.

“There is everything in a phone, explains the latter. His private life, his messages, our children. Obviously people are living their lives on their phones now, texting, sending pictures, and that family information has nothing to do with an intelligence team. “

More than 80 journalists from 17 newspapers in 10 countries worked for months to elucidate this affair, which transcends Hungarian borders. Amnesty International’s tech team examined 50 cell phones, 25 of which were clearly infected with Pegasus.

“This story has proven that it is possible to buy spyware and spyware in a completely unregulated way., worries Demeter Áron, program manager at Amnesty International Hungary, then use them to monitor people and in some cases destroy their lives. “

The phone of Direkt36 investigative journalist András Szabó was also hacked. According to the investigation, his cell phone was monitored twice, both times in the weeks following the publication of an important article.

“I wondered if they were curious about my sources, if they wanted to know who I was in contact with, who I was talking to, nous explique András Szabó. Obviously, I was also wondering if I had unintentionally put these people in danger, but unfortunately I cannot answer these questions. “

The case sparked an international outcry.

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News of the wiretapping scandal made headlines in the main foreign media, but the pro-government Hungarian press hardly covered it. On the government side, the first to talk about the case was the Minister for Families, Katalin Novák, but she only said that she was not paying attention to the rumors in the press.

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