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Guest: Lex Harvey, reporter at The Star

Ivermectin has become a much more well known drug during the COVID-19 pandemic as it has made news as the treatment choice for many high profile anti-vaccine people. While the drug has some known medical uses for humans, it has not been proven to help prevent or cure the virus. That has not stopped people from trying to get it, and in fact, there are networks to help those interested in procuring it. An undercover Star investigation recently looked into ivermectin and how some Canadians are getting their hands on it.

Raju Mudhar is a co-host and producer on the Star’s podcast team. He is based in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter: @rajumudhar
Ivermectin, an antiparasitic medication with uses in animals and humans, has been widely touted by media personalities, right-wing politicians and even some doctors as a cure and preventative for COVID-19 - despite the evidence that it does not work.

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