How long is this season

The daily life of FC Barcelona runs with inevitable indolence. The baton of demotivation imposes a leaden rhythm on the team and the social mass. The discreet results and the disaffection have merged and have formed a puddle in which one splashes with concealed reluctance. Not many fans go to the Estadi, but at least they go with the intention of making themselves heard.

These are times when we pay attention to low-profile signings, which are the ones the club can afford and can fit into their narrow salary cap; to renewals that are more or less taken for granted; to the reform that will finally begin at the Camp Nou, and soon we will have to see if something moves in the economic sphere, which is approaching June 30 and substantial operations have not yet been resolved, necessary to remove the fright of the body of the entity. In general, the season is getting long, although satisfaction still drips from it, such as the refreshing return of Ansu Fati.

a little more effort

After observing, albeit voluntarily, the Madridista celebration, Barça received another team that sweats to stay in the First Division in an atmosphere of forced purpose. In Madrid they meet again with the Cibeles and above all they pump faith in the intangible to beat City by a Guardiola whom they abhor with all their entrails. What a great date awaits on Wednesday. Barça, on the other hand, is playing something as bland as not falling behind the elite and entering the Super Cup Pique, which is already known to provide a good pinch of Saudi money. It is not the same, and it shows in everything.

The team of Xavi He put a bit of effort against Mallorca that was missed last Sunday against Rayo, without going any further, or before against Cádiz. A better rhythm was seen, nothing from the other world, nothing that would lead even the most unrepentant optimist to have spring dreams of the Champions League. It was enough to win, but not to convince. He is lucky that the rivals from above circulate on the road of nails, of so many punctures that they accumulate.

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But even a Mallorca with more limitations than virtues was capable of making the Camp Nou parish nervous. Even the coach must have gotten a tingle in his knees, at the sight of him reaching for lenglet in the last few minutes to cement the marker. It would seem that the season is becoming particularly long for him Xaviwhich one imagines with the low deposit of new motivational slogans for its players.

The team is fair, it does not press with the sharp teeth of the two golden months of the stage of Xavibut it will come to reach objective B. The finest in these days of outcome seems to be memphis depay, which began as a film, disappeared and now that the course is over, it returns loaded with vitamins. It is never too late to put figures in the summer showcase, transcendental to consummate a reconstruction that elevates and democratizes devotion.

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