How is the carrier strike affecting? The 5 keys to protest

In Barcelona Mercabarna points out that the first affected may be fresh products, specifically vegetables. Without reaching the point of shortage, if there may be problems of punctual supplies to buy Peppersthe eggplantsthe zucchini and the strawberries. This is especially marked by roadblocks in the south of the country and wholesalers are already turning to alternative markets, such as Portugal or France. Another of the products that Barcelona’s municipal markets are starting to miss are seafood and fish, due to the double effect of the strike, as well as because many fishermen have not gone out to fish in recent days due to the weather and the rise in fuel prices. And from the next few days there is a risk that the dairy products are affected, since said industry has announced that it will paralyze its activity from this Thursday due to the incidence of strikes.

from the field, Union of Pagesos He affirms that they are not noticing supply problems in terms of animal feed for their farms, nor for the transport of product from them to the markets. The business organizations consulted do not specifically point out more products, although they acknowledge that there may be delays in shipments and general transfer of goods.

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