For the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canadevi) it is necessary to create financing schemes for people with income without formal employment or those also called mixed economies either unaffiliated to a social security agency.

This was explained by Luis Alberto Moreno Gómez Monroy, national president of Canadevi in ​​the framework of the XXXII National Meeting of living placeheld in Puebla.

“We have to be disruptive, we have to integrate the attention to these workers to the three orders of government, to the financial institutions and to us, the promoters and developers of homes”, commented the head of Canadevi.

“It is very important to pay attention to 56% of Mexicans who are part of the economically active population and we know them as unaffiliated either mixed economies”.

As a solution, from the Chamber of living place The implementation of an institute that manages the voluntary savings of people to allow access to credits through financial institutions is proposed.

But for the Canadevi representative, it is also necessary to serve the lower-income population that does have social security, in a context of price increases due to the cost of land and construction materials.

“It is extremely important to find schemes to meet the demand for living place of lower-income workers, there are more than 6 million people who are listed in Infonavit and Fovissste and that we simply cannot attend to”, emphasized the business representative.

In addition, he stated that the developers of living place they are the industry that generates the most public infrastructure in the entire country.

In 20 years of being established as a business chamber, Canadevi has contributed with:

  • 13 million square meters in streets and highways.
  • 1.6 million linear meters of drinking water and electricity network.
  • 32,285 health centers.
  • 40,932 secondaries.
  • 105,038 primaries.
  • 99,503 preschools.
  • 7,439 nurseries.

The pending challenges for housing

For Canadevi, the challenges in the housing sector They are mainly concentrated in three axes, two of a structural nature and one derived from demand.

  • Territorial planning.
  • electrical infrastructure.
  • Water supply.

For Moreno Gómez Monroy, the issue of urban development is already addressed by Sedatu, as it leads the challenge of ordering the nearly 500 most relevant municipalities in the country, but it is necessary to work together to give certainty to investments.

However, for the businessman, the most critical challenge is the water supply, since given the scarcity recently suffered by the northern states and the floods in the south-southeast, it is necessary to work immediately to find attention mechanisms.

“Without water there is nothing, there is no industry, there is no commerce, there is no tourism and, in addition, there will be no living place”, he sentenced.

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