Hours worked in export manufacturing increase in Querétaro

The IMMEX are a development engine for the country, but also for the local economies; We must be prepared to face together the responsibility of being the industry with the greatest wealth.”

Enrique Quezada Ojeda, president of Index in Querétaro.

Queretaro, Qro. During January, export manufacturing companies in the state reported an annual growth of 6.8% in hours worked, according to indicators from the Industry, Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services Program (IMMEX).

With this level of annual growth, Querétaro was the sixth state with the highest annual percentage variation in hours worked, only below Nuevo León (11.7% annual), Mexico City (11.6%), Veracruz (10.7%), Durango ( 9.3%) and State of Mexico (6.9 percent).

Therefore, the annual increase reported by the state in hours worked was above the national indicator, which was 2.9% in the first month of the year.

In Querétaro there are 248 active establishments, according to the records of the IMMEX program of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

According to the real remunerations per employed person, in the manufacturing establishments with the IMMEX program, during January Querétaro was placed as the second state with the highest remuneration, reporting a payment of 21,340 pesos per worker in that month.

Querétaro was located below Veracruz, entity that registered the highest remuneration, of 22,617 pesos, exceeding the national average, which is 17,800 pesos.

At the end of January, the state contributed 3.5% of the personnel employed in the country in export manufacturing, ranking tenth nationally in terms of contribution; likewise, it contributes with 3.8% of the establishments, also placing itself in the tenth position.

During January, the manufacturing establishments with the IMMEX program reported income from the national market for 13,903.4 million pesos; Regarding income from the foreign market, they amounted to 13,677.3 million.

IMMEX companies go for ICT adoption

In this context, the Querétaro Export Industry Association (Index) incorporated this year the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) committee with the aim of promoting technological adoption in the industry.

The objective of the committee is to promote good practices for the use of computer tools, support the members of the value chain in the adoption of platforms that streamline operations and improve compliance with regulations.

Similarly, the Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility Committee was installed, these are issues of great relevance for the operation of companies, because export manufacturing has challenges beyond tax compliance, highlighted the president of Index in Queretaro, Enrique Quezada Ojeda.

“The IMMEX are a development engine for the country, but also for the local economies; we must be prepared to face together the responsibility of being the industry that contributes the greatest wealth and innovation to the national economy”, he stated.

The new committees, which were established in the first quarter of the year, are added to those that were already active: in foreign trade, tax, logistics, human resources, labor relations and risk prevention.

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