Hoteliers upset about the covid certificate: “If before it was already difficult, now more”

  • Bars and restaurants show their disagreement with the new passport regulations

  • Many declare that this supposes a double job for a sector that has already been very crushed

“I’m not a policeman, I’m a hotelier and I know that I am going to have problems with some clients. It is an issue that belongs to the privacy of each person … The data protection law, where is it? “, Protests Juan, 65, owner of the La Cabaña bar, located in the streets of Raval in Barcelona. Like Juan, there are many hoteliers who disagree with the measure that obliges customers to show the covid-19 certificate before entering any bar, restaurant, gym or residence. “It is a process that makes us lose many customers because many of those who come are either not vaccinated or do not have a passport. I don’t let any of them in because otherwise I will have to pay a fine. People come in, I ask for the certificate and they go straight out. It is always full at this hour and look now, it is empty. If before it was already difficult, now more “, says Abdul, owner of the Al Baraka restaurant, who explains the complicated situation that many hospitality establishments are going to have to face. from this Friday in Catalonia.

Guardia Urbana and Mossos d’Esquadra have already warned the hoteliers that carry out a regular check to ensure that the premises are complying with the regulations and do not allow any customer to enter without the certificate. The sanctions that will be applied range from 30 to 600,000 euros and the respective owners of the premises and not the clients would be fined. “It’s a bummer, extra work has fallen on us, we have to constantly watch that people teach us, many queues form and work accumulates. They have also asked us to have a manager at the door as a security guard asking for the certified, but let’s be realistic, we cannot pay for it. We have been dragging the whole pandemic and now that we could breathe a little they drown us again, “complains Juana, owner of the Els Àngels bakery.

“I’m working, I’m not here to ask for the certificate. I’m in the kitchen and I have to run to ask the clients for the COVID certificate because otherwise they will fine us and my boss fires me. All the clients who have come today have their passports. covid, I have had to download the certificate for many of them, since they are older people who do not even know how to do it. I scan the QR and it tells me if the passport is valid or not “explains Hassan, who works at a little corner bar called O’Courel. For many older people The digital certificate is a real challenge, since they don’t know how to download it or where to get it, ‘yes, they asked me for the certificate at the bar, but of course it costs me a lot because I don’t know how the passport works to download it to your mobile, so I only show it through a photo I have, it’s the only thing I can do, ‘says Gonzalo, 72, a regular at O’Courel bar.

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“You have to be flexible”

Some hoteliers have accepted without problem the obligation of the covid certificate and show their support for the sanitary point of view “To enter my cafeteria it is mandatory to enter with the certificate,” says Abdul, owner of Miniature Café. “If they make us ask people for it, we have to respect it. We have to trust health,” he adds. However, sadness and anger are the main feelings of many hoteliers who fear that with the entry into force of the new rule, their stores face a definitive closure. I understand the health point of view, but you have to be flexible, each one has to give, clients must understand that it is not our fault that they are forced to enter only with their passport and we must comply with the regulations, either by obligation , because in the end if I ask it is because I do not want to be fined 3,000 euros. We recently opened the restaurant and we are afraid of having to close it “exclaims Cristian, owner of the BiancoNoir Bistrot restaurant.

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