Hotel occupancy in Querétaro rebounded 85% for Easter

Queretaro, Qro. During the first week of the vacation period, preliminary reports from state hotel associations report having reached an average occupancy of 60%, an indicator that on Friday and Saturday rose to between 80 and 85%, reported the Secretary of Tourism of Queretaro.

However, in the state’s semi-desert, the Magic Town of Cadereyta de Montes reported 100% occupancy this weekend; In addition, it received 4,000 visitors in the municipal capital, as well as 3,000 in wooded areas and 2,000 people in the Zimapán dam.

In Tequisquiapan, also a Magical Town, hotel occupancy reached close to 80%, receiving 50,000 travelers in the downtown area and in its main tourist attractions.

The Magic Town of Bernal, in Ezekiel Monteshotel occupancy was over 70%, while on Friday and Saturday it reached 100 percent.

The state Tourist Assistance and Protection Center (Capta) provided more than 1,000 tourist information services, as well as complaints, through itinerant modules in Amealco of Bonfil, in the delegation of Bernalin Cadereyta, in Tequisquiapan and in the Historic Center of Querétaro.

According to the state agency, during the first weekend of the holiday period, the entity registered a significant tourist influx, which was reflected in various upticks in hotel occupancy and visitor arrivals.

At the end of the Holy Week and Easter holiday period, the Queretaro Association of Hoteliers (AQH) estimates to capture an economic spill of 22 to 25 million pesos and reach an occupancy of 60 to 62% during the days of greatest tourist influx.

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