Prime Minister François Legault assured Thursday afternoon that his government is closely monitoring what is happening at the Horne foundry in Rouyn-Noranda, Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

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“We are following the situation closely, as much on the environmental side as on the public health side, and even the economy, where we are talking to leaders and owners,” said François Legault, in response to questions. journalists on the sidelines of a press conference.

The Prime Minister has made it known that closing the foundry is out of the question, because of its economic importance for the Rouyn-Noranda sector.

“The people there in Rouyn-Noranda don’t want us to close the business, it’s quite consensual,” he said, before agreeing that “there must be a plan to reduce health impacts.

Then, Mr. Legault recalled that Doctor Horacio Arruda explained on Wednesday that it is important to be careful before telling the population that there is an increase in the number of cancers in Rouyn-Noranda because of the presence of the foundry. Data on this will be made public in the coming weeks by Public Health, he added.

Finally, the Prime Minister insisted on reaffirming the independence of Public Health. “Once again, we have no connection, they are really independent from public health. So it’s the decision of public health, what they release and when they release it.”

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