Homenaje a Ricardo Bofill en su studio-taller de Sant Just

Ricardo Bofill’s emblematic studio has opened this season with a record breaking and homage through his failure, at 82 years old, passing 14 years. One of his brothers, the late architect Ricardo Bofill, and professional companions such as Fermín Vázquez and Daniel Mòdol have been the first to act, which will be permanent abierto hasta las seis de la tarde de mañana jueves. Has gathered families, friends and acquaintances who in order to enter the space he has to make a pre-registration and dispose of the passport together.

The plate known as La Fábrica offers a free visit to connect its work space and deepen in its work with photographs, models of its projects and projections of architectural insights with reconciliation throughout the world. No podium haber mejur lugar para el homenaje, a space that Bofill discovered in 1973 and that converts to something more than a site to explore its projects.

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The architect’s proposition has already stated this by writing: “Currently there is more life and work than in any other place. This is for me the only site where I can concentrate and associate ideas in a more abstract way. Tengo the impression of living in a closed universe which protects me from the outside world and the day and the day. The Factory is a work place for excellence. Here is the life that transcends as a continuous sequence, with very little difference between the work and the ocean. There is the impression of living in the same environment that originated the Industrial Revolution in Catalonia “.

The seduction of the space also brought to the vecinosque he visited to approve the homage. Mariona Salas, of Sant Just Desvern, lives in a block of piss in the barn of La Fábrica. “When we learn that we’re taking the right steps to look for entry,” the ACN agency explained about its curiosity about knowing where a space is present in its life. Another woman from Sant Just, Montse, also recorded that it was a place that Sant Just’s vecinos are very present. “All little ones come to play in Ricard Bofill’s Taller’s.”


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