Home Inspector – What do they check in a home inspection?

As a real estate agent, some clients ask me if it is necessary to use the services of a Home Inspector when buying a home in Calgary, Canada and before removing the conditions that were put into the contract. The answer is always if, although it may seem like an extra expense, having a person specialized in ihouse inspection it can mean your peace of mind in the future.

The house or duplex can be seen in very good condition but there is no way to know the condition of the roof, electrical system, plumbing, structure, etc. except through a certified inspector.

I advise you to always be present during the inspection, so that you can ask questions and resolve doubts during the inspection. Most of the results are sent to the buyer within 24 hours, but there are also those who finish it immediately and deliver the result immediately.

There are some cases that after moving to the new house there are failures in the installations, dampness in the ceilings and walls or problems of a legal nature. That is why it is important that you always use the services of a “Home Inspector and in the event that you buy a condominium, you also need a” Condo Inspector who will see the documents of the condominium and how healthy your finances and reserve fund are (Reserve Fund)

So that this does not happen as a Real Estate agent, I always recommend three or four certified Inspectors to my clients, so that together with you they proceed to make a detailed investigation of the following aspects: (The cost of the inspection varies between $ 350.00 to $ 650.00 according to the size of the property and paid by the buyer)

Some points that the Home Inspector checks

1.- Observe the conditions of the finishes. What type of maintenance they have or how deteriorated they are.
2.- With a closed hand, hit the walls. If it sounds hollow, it is possible that there is internal humidity and in the short term it could detach the finishes.
3.- In the corners of the ceilings (where the slabs meet the walls) check that no stains are observed. In addition to a lack of waterproofing, it could be that a pipe is broken.
4.- Observe the perimeter of the windows to verify that the sealing is working. Air must not pass.
5.- Turn all the light switches on and off, if possible leave them on while you visit the house. This way you can detect if there are electrical charge problems.
6.- Verify that doors and windows open and close properly. The doors may be missing or uneven hinges.
7.- Open the water taps, check that the outlet has power and that the pipes are not covered.
8.- In the bathrooms you have to pull the toilet lever and listen to the speed with which the tank fills.
9.- In the kitchen ask for the key that closes the passage pipe. Ideally, there are two, one for gas and one for water.
10.- On the roof you have to look for bubbles or cracks to evaluate the state of the waterproofing.
11.- Check that the furnace and the water tank work
12.- The walls adjoining the garden or planters can be susceptible to humidity.
13.- A property with more than 25 years of age requires changes in the facilities: electrical, sanitary and pipes in general.

If you want to know if any inspector or business is actively licensed to work in Valgary as a Certified Inspector, I searched on here

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