The main tribunal of the Tributary Administration Service (SAT), in addition to the Carte Porte, is the home truck, it is said, the micro car transporter, because it does not have the resources, nor the infrastructure necessary to issue the invoices, by them fisco is looking for ways to generate extra costs in this transport sector.

“Male trucks have many administrative facilities, in the manner of focalization, for example in the primary sector or the people who have less resources for a technological adaptation”, commented Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez, jefa del SAT.

However, Buenrostro has revealed that the application for the home truck can be issued to complement the Carta Porte desde sucellar, as well as the comment from the National Camera of Carga (Canacar) on this medium.

“We comment that we’m making a specific app for men-trucks, but have not yet found one,” Buenrostro Sánchez said.

Agreed with the Secretariat of Communications and Transport, the hombrecamion consists of 150,215 companies, that is 81.5% of the total and 274,937 vehicles (24% of the total), as of 2020.

The issue of the SAT states that the motive for the retreat of the new technological age is the time when they have already configured the Simplified Regime (Resico) Regime.

“Everything that is a simplification for the contributor is a problem for the fiscal because there are meters to the system and no podiums to advance in this topic until the Fiscal Miscellaneous is approved (…) The programming of even more work del Resico, la sacamos en un mes ”, revealed the function.

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In an interview, José Refugio Muñoz López, Executive Vice President of Canacar, stated that the main problem facing the truck was that it did not have the necessary structure to issue the document because it had to issue antagonists from the salgan trucks. for these billing areas the car transport companies have to work 24 hours a day.

“Obviously the wreck truck has no structure,” he said.

Habría prórroga

At the same time, the title of the fiscal comment that precedes the launch of the app, does not describe a new period of redress of the complement Carta Porte par la humbrees kamion.

“If we need more time to recover what we need for the truck, we can cancel the time required for a reasonable transition period to occupy the property.” We are working hard to keep all the herramientas lists, we are aware of the compromises and we will complete (…) it is preferable to say that the (complementary) Carta Porte is given, ”says Raquel Buenrostro.

The transport truck and small transporters represent 94.7% of the total transport companies that record the carriages of the country, according to figures from the Secretariat of Communications and Transport (SCT).

Following the application of the digital application, the public servant commented that he was working first with the free invoicing generator of the SAT in order to incorporate the information of the Carte Porte and therefore the man-truck does not need billing services use this free service.

Large companies and emitters complement

Currently, “there are many companies that emit the complement of the Carte Porte, because it is not complicated and abarca different sectors of car transport”, commented Buenrostro.

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Some large companies such as DHL, Bimbo, Barcel, Liverpool, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Coppel, Tres Guerras, Castes Transportes, among others, issue their electronic invoices with the Carta Porte complement.

“The Carte Porte is a herramienta that if we implement correctly we can make money, because we will get 15% on transport services – which are more than 60% informal–; In addition, the ISR and the IVA will continue to do so, “said the official.

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