Europe it is pure passion. He loves those people who put all the meat on the grill. What gets up Who lives without permission. What excites. For this reason, Ukraine has swept Eurovision 2022. It is true that the emotional factor of war has played a key role, but this fact should not take away from the substance: ‘Stefania’ is a I sing to love in times of pain. And that, in an unstructured old continent, is a direct slap to the heart.

It is not a typical or intemperate song. It is unique, a characteristic that does not often abound in the contest. He has known how to make simplicity his letter of introduction, without the need to fall into stridencies or boasts. A message of brotherhood was enough for them: we all like to feel alive… especially if we do it together. This also explains Spain’s third place, the best position in 27 years. Chanel has not wonbut has achieved something unique: telling our neighbors that we want to celebrate life with them.

459 points, best score in 49 years

‘SloMo’ has received 459 points, which tastes of victory. Well, since the participation of Ruth Lawrence in 2014, Spain has not been a topic of conversation again. Neither to generate interest nor enthusiasm. In fact, we had six consecutive editions being below number 20 (Edurne, Barei, Manel Navarro, Amaia and Alfred, Miki Nuñez, Blas Cantó). After many years, our country has managed to materialize a winning concept.

So much so that, of the 25 proposals exhibited, Chanel’s has been one of the few that has known how to sharpen the difference. Of course, she doesn’t have the best voice, but she does have the greatest charisma. This has been demonstrated in the different connections that, during the gala, Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan have made with the Green Room.

In addition, we must not lose sight of the fact that these formats are conquered by those who are capable of connecting more intensely with the public. There are, for example, the cases of Net (Israel, 2018), Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden, 2015) or Firewood (Germany, 2010).

Latin rhythms conquer Europe

The disco gurgles of We Are Domi (Czech Republic), the Breton spell of Alvan & Ahez (France), the nostalgic claps of Sea (Portugal), the pagan prayer of System (Iceland) or the runaway hope of Stephan (Estonia) have not managed to overshadow the delivery with which Chanel has stepped on a crowded Alpitour shovel.

The Latin rhythms, as well as the lyrics and the staging, have fit perfectly into the ideology that Spanish-Cuban singer has defended since benidorm festthe platform where she was chosen to represent us in Turin: feminist, claiming and empowered. “And make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen. I’m always ready to break hips, break hearts. There is only one, there are no imitations. And, if you still don’t believe me, then it’s my turn to show it to you”, she has sung (and danced) clad in her brilliant Palomo Spain and before an audience divided between devotion and stupor.

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It could even be said that, at first hearing of many, it has dazzled the Europeans more quickly than the Spaniards themselves. Although the truth is that, over the months, many skeptics have converted to democratic ‘chanelism’. That said, pure passion.

Show at the height of the best

During the three minutes that her performance lasted, the artist has completely undressed. Second by second, until reaching that climax of light and color that Europe has been demanding from us for some time. Or do we have to remember that 200 million viewers were transfixed during that “you are the art that sweetens the skin & rdquor; of Amaia and Alfred?

Chanel has set a show in style Camila Hair, Olivia Rodrigo either Ariana Grande. With the same aplomb the other two favorites have appeared: the second place has been for the United Kingdom and the fourth, for Sweden.

‘Spaceman’ It has been the revulsive that Great Britain has been looking for after decades of failure. They have won the contest five times hand in hand with names like Sandie Shaw or Katrina & The Waves. However, since 1997, his greatest merit has been a bronze medal in 2002. Hence the bet of the ‘tiktoker’ Sam Ryder has restored a hope lost a quarter of a century ago.

Full of dizzying highs, this cosmic pop has reminded us how valuable it is to have a song that lives up to the qualities of the performer. Powerful and overwhelming in equal parts, she has fallen in love with an audience stunned by such a waste of throat and entrails. Do not forget, the passion… Something that, equally, can be attributed to the Scandinavian candidacy.

TheHold Me Closer’ from Cornelia Jacobs it tears by the simplicity with which it begins and the forcefulness with which it ends. Favorite since its selection in the Melodifestivalen, the theme has not stopped incorporating followers despite not adding any new element. The SVT has not achieved its seventh victory, but it has not needed it either.

Serbia makes the difference

Regarding the host, everything has gone as predicted. As happens in most editions, the transalpine proposals are usually one of the most pampered. And there are no reasons for it. Since they returned to the contest in 2011, they have taken care of their presentations in detail. In them, the fur always prevails. They don’t want instant success, but to stay in the public’s ears. An objective that, in this 2022, they have revalidated with the steep ‘Brivid’.

Thanks to Mahmood and White, the melody has become one of the great anthems due to the simplicity with which they recount the memories of a couple suffocated by problems. They were clear: they were not going to win, but at least they managed maintain the charm that characterizes Italy so much in Eurovision. They are sixth.

Below, some of the most applauded songs this year have been distributed. there they are Poland (12), Netherlands (11) or Armenia (twenty). All three have something in common: although they are ballads, they have managed to print their own stamp. What, basically, has allowed them to differentiate themselves from candidates with the same size.

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Greece, on the other hand, has been harmed: despite starting as one of the favorites, her popularity began to fall after the first semi-final. Now, she has settled for eighth place.

Quite the opposite of Norway either Romania, who have seen how their themes have grown as the show progressed. Subwoolfer’s howl (10) and WRS’s casticism (18) have achieved warm up a final marked by soulless beats.

The surprise has given Serbian. With his particular ode to health (and, specifically, to Meghan Markle’s hair), Konstrakta has shown that the secret of the festival lies in its authenticity. Walk intoIn corpore Sano’ is not easy, but little by little his “biti biti biti biti zdrava” achieves something that is not within everyone’s reach: leave a mark. Surely, hardly anyone has found out what this letter refers to or what Ana Đurić washing hands continuously. Now, most likely ended up moving their arms in unison.

The peculiar catches our attention and, as has happened other times, being different always adds up. You already know… the passion to defend a feeling. The song was already a success in the Balkans and will end up being in the rest of the continent. Without a doubt, being the fifth classified will help her.

At the level of the best projects

San Marino, Montenegro, Albania, Latvia or Denmark have been missed to break the dynamic of the gala. However, the impudence of Pausini and company It has given dynamism to the less frenetic minutes. To highlight, his performance. Like Mike’s. At a level above any of the participants. You can see that singular affection that we have for them from Spain. The structure in the form of the sun has not helped them too much either.

This was going to be the surprise of the stage of this edition… However, a technical problem has prevented it from moving, which has forced all the delegations to adapt their ‘staging’. A handicap that, perhaps, for 95% of the people who see only the final has gone unnoticed and has barely influenced their votes.

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About these, little can be said: nerves, intuitions and few surprises. Something that, in fact, has made us feel great: we were one of the favorites and the predictions have come true. ‘SloMo’ It came with a bang and quickly caught up with the best projects. We have sent something that has set a trendexactly the same as in the three Spanish candidatures that have received the most points throughout the contest history: ‘It’s you’, by Mocedades (125); ‘Come back to me’, by Anabel Conde (119) and ‘Bailar pegados’, by Sergio Dalma (119). None won, but each had two basic things: personality and novelty. Something that also shares Chanel’s proposal.

Passionate to the brim, she was the star of the night. And most importantly: she has given us back the illusion. Spain has won… this time, without the need to step on the podium.

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