Hispanics give cruel crown in European handball award

  • The Spanish team had 30 seconds at 26-26 to win the final, but they raced and Sweden already won the gold with a penalty goal with time

The Spanish handball team could not retain the European crown in Budapest. Sweden was imposed Hispanics (27-26) in a very tight end that has definitely throw with a seven meter with time already over. Ekberg has not failed before Perez de Vargas and the team of Jordi Ribera In any case, he deserved to be content with a silver in full generational change.

Neither Sweden nor Spain could rise on the scoreboard throughout the match. No one had more than two goals in advantage during the 60 minutes. In the last 10, the exchange of goals kept Sweden with a minimal advantage, but Spain, who did not know how to take advantage of the superiority, saw the light in the last two minutes.

Possible error on Cañellas

A goal by Figueras, a save by Pérez de Vargas and an equalizer by Joan Cañellas tied the score (26-26) and a great block by the Spanish defense gave them possession of the victory with 30 seconds left . But it is not well managed. Cañellas, probably after getting an error, hastily launched a passive out of fear and on the counter-attack Sweden took a penalty kick that was launched over time. Ekberg beat Pérez de Vargas and won the gold.

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Spain aimed to link its third consecutive European to those achieved against Sweden in Croatia in 2018 and in Stockholm against Croatia in 2020. That third consecutive crown would have been equal to the legendary Sweden of the turn of the century, but the achievement of the generation led by the MVP of the tournament, Jim Gottfridsson, the MVP of the final, the goalkeeper Andreas Palicka, managed to defend its own legend and break two decades (since 2002) of drought.

Denmark, world champion, he hung himself bronze after defeating France, Olympic champion, in extra time (32-35).


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