Hispanic tradition takes hold of American sports

The impact of the Hispanic community in the United States is undeniable. The reflection is noticeable in all areas and sport is no exception. The influence goes beyond the athletes. Leaders, managers, medical and press staff show professionals of Latino origin more frequently.

Culturally, there is no way to hide the incidence of the ethnic group, which is why the main sports leagues in the country have adopted increasingly regular actions to celebrate Hispanics and their contribution to the disciplines.

Soccer and not soccer

Although in the United States the word soccer is directly linked to the NFL, in the rest of the world it is impossible to unleash the term football. Over the years, in North America the discipline has grown to the point that Major League Soccer (MLS) appears as a cultural meeting point in which the Hispanic influence is undeniable.

With soccer as a mandatory subject in Central and South America, the United States has successfully embraced a sport that has given it hope as its exponents begin to make important strides in Europe, the epicenter of the soccer elite.

However, the contribution to the development of the MLS also has to do with the Hispanic impact.

That is why, for several seasons, American football has not lost the opportunity to pay tribute to the group with the Latin Nights. With events ranging from musical performances to regional food festivals and merchandise sales tied to teams in Spanish, each franchise raises those who have steadily promoted the league.

CONTRIBUTION. Hispanic fans are increasingly joining the MLS / Toni Sandys-The Washington Post

Taste of home

Just days before the start of the 2021-2022 NFL season, in the capital of the United States there will be a special space for those fans who visit FedEx Field, home of the Washington Football Team, to enjoy the Mexican flavor.

There, among the eight venues that will make up the “Flavor of the DMV Showcase” will be Casa de Ávila Tacos, a family-owned taqueria that is well known in Northern Virginia.

The place will offer a variety of proposals, mostly homemade recipes that have made Casa de Ávila Tacos (with one year of foundation) a place that does not go under the table in the state.

“A year ago we never saw each other on a huge platform, where we are today,” said the founder of the taqueria, Abraham Avila, in a RestonNow interview. “I consider it a change of life.”

Together with Abraham, his wife Stephanie Avila, his mother Luz and his sister Jessica are behind the appetizing project.

“At first, we knew our food was good. Growing up, my friends would always come and always look forward to my mom’s food, ”said Abraham. “When we started, the reception was excellent. We weren’t expecting the numbers we had, so that first day we looked at each other and said, ‘we’re on to something.’ And so we began to build a following ”.

MEAL. The flavor of the Casa de Ávila taqueria will be felt in the stadium / Casa de Ávila (Facebook)

Accent t-shirts

This year in Major League Baseball, both Major League Baseball and Nike, the sports brand in charge of franchise uniforms, presented the City Connect series, a work between the company and each organization to show a closely related apparel to the community they represent.

Although not all the outfits have revealed their colors (nor will they this year) others have decided to put the garments into play.

Although with different concepts depending on what each outfit wants to highlight, the Latin influence has been seen in three of the seven kits presented to date.

The Miami Marlins, for example, did so under the memory of Sugar Kings, a team from the Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds that saw action in Cuba between 1946 and 1960. Although the history of this painting It is little known, its colors (red and white) are a faithful reflection of the Cuban flag.

Another organization with a Latin accent was the Arizona Diamondbacks. This time, the front of the uniform reads “Serpents” and colors to refer to the Sonoran desert. The Hispanic presence in the area is not less, hence the decision of the franchise to bet on a name in Spanish.

With the same premise appeared the Los Angeles Dodgers, a painting that literally shows “The Dodgers” on their special edition jersey. In addition to the impact of the Mexican community in the city, the group took advantage of the celebration of 40 years of Fernandomanía and how the performance of the Aztec pitcher Fernando Valenzuela put their nation’s baseball on the map.

DESERTIC. In Arizona, DBacks’ City Connect apparel targets the Sonoran desert / @ mlb

Safe bet

The NBA also does not escape the pro-Hispanic party. The best basketball in the world adds 15 campaigns with the now traditional party known as “Latin Nights”, an event that usually takes place in the second half of the regular round to pay tribute to the Hispanic figures who have helped to globalize an enviable competition and followed all over the planet.

With this concept, teams often jump onto the court with uniforms that reflect their name in Spanish, both in game and training clothing. In addition, three high-caliber commitments are selected to televise under the title of this party.

NBA cadres typically organize individual activities to attract as many Hispanic fans as possible through local culture and demonstrate the positive side of Latino advocacy in communities.

Another series of events are added, such as the celebration of concerts and even auctions to provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations that reach out to the Latino communities most in need.

Just as for several seasons the NBA has not missed the opportunity to make Christmas a unique date to witness the best commitments of the almanac, the league also has key points in the conformation of its almanac to leave in the month March spaces reserved for duels between franchises with high chances of being present in the playoffs and showing them on national television under the “Latin Nights”.


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