Hisense could start operations in Nuevo León before June 2022

Monterrey, NL. Hisense, a Chinese appliance manufacturer, could start operations before June 2022, at the plant installed in Hofusan Park, which is located in the municipality of Salinas Victoria. However, given the shortage of chips, they will have to import raw materials from that country, said Samuel Peña Guzmán, vice president of Hisense in Monterrey.

“At the time, part of these microcomponents will be imported, it is being contemplated to start with refrigerators and stoves in the first half of 2022, before June we will be starting, later other projects will come,” said the manager.

He pointed out that the lack of semiconductors is greatly affecting the automotive, household appliances and electronics sectors, “it is an issue that will not be resolved quickly, it will take time, we have to adapt to new times but it is causing us havoc” .

Hisense will start operations with 1,200 workers and will gradually grow to 4,000 workers, said Samuel Peña.

According to data from Nuevo León Household Appliances Cluster (CLELAC), 40% of the national production is manufactured in the entity.

Nuevo León’s home appliance exports reached 2,710.2 million dollars in July of this year, which represents 10.68% of 25,371.8 million dollars in total exports, according to Data Nuevo León.

CLELAC expects to close this year with a record growth of 15% in production, both for export and for the domestic market, that is, 5% more than in the pre-pandemic and the expectation is that growth will exceed that figure in 2022, due to to the increase in demand, mainly for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Provider development

To comply with the regulations of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC), the firm will develop regional suppliers (North America), because in the rules of origin a refrigerator must have a national content of 58%, but also many companies from China will come to establish themselves in this region to have a compliance (regulatory compliance).

“We have to develop suppliers to comply with the regulations requested by the T-MEC. We bring in some direct suppliers that we are already seeing, around 8 or 9, but local suppliers are going to develop a quantity that has not yet been determined ”, the manager emphasized.


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