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The nation’s highest court will rule today on whether Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford’s decision to reduce the size of Toronto’s city council during the last municipal elections was constitutional.

The Canadian Supreme Court’s decision will come about a year before Ontario’s next municipal vote.

In 2018, the municipal campaign was underway when the Ontario legislature passed a law that reduced the number of council seats in Toronto from 47 to 25, aligning them with federal districts.

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Ford, a former Toronto city councilman and failed mayoral candidate, argued at the time that the change would streamline the council’s operations and save $ 25 million.

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Critics, however, denounced it as undemocratic and arbitrary.

Toronto successfully challenged the legislation in Superior Court, and the judge found it unconstitutional.

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Ford threatened to use the Constitution clause to push for the change, but did not have to invoke it because the province won a stay of the decision pending appeal.

The Ontario Superior Court then issued a split decision on the matter, with three judges deciding to overturn the Superior Court’s decision and two to uphold it.

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The Supreme Court of Canada agreed to hear the city’s challenge to the Court of Appeals ruling, with a hearing held in March.

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