Here’s how far gas prices are predicted to drop in Metro Vancouver before the weekend

After more than 10 days of gas costing upwards of 230 cents per liter, Metro Vancouver drivers may notice a price dip at the pumps Friday.

According to gas-price prediction site Gas Wizardregular gas is expected to dip to 225.9 cents per liter, down from Thursday’s price of 230.9.

Prices last broke a record on June 6, reaching 236.9, and have stayed above 230 since.

Metro Vancouver’s gas prices remain among the highest in the country, averaging 230.2 as of Thursday afternoon, according to a heat map from

Record prices in Vancouver and across the country have largely been blamed on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, though other factors like inflation, refinery capacity and a recent increase in carbon taxes have also contributed.

High prices across BC led to calls for free transit over the summer months, when prices are predicted to reach 250 cents per liter.

Meanwhile, many ICBC customers are still waiting to receive their $110 rebate, promised by the province in late March. Initially, payments were expected to roll out in May and June, but now some recipients might have to wait until late July.

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