‘Here the land’, the only offer that approves with a note on TVE afternoons, already stands up to ‘Secret Story’

The 1 It is going through a serious audience crisis due to the general weakness of all its bands. Public television, which in September recorded an average of 8.7% screen share, finds one of its main problems in the evening band, where its bets do not exceed 7% of audience. But in the midst of this bleak outlook there is a program that has managed to find its place and that gives managers a joy every day: ‘Here the land’.

The informative format presented by Jacob Petrus, which meets the current expectations of TVE, has become one of the main values ​​of La 1. ‘Aqui la tierra’ accumulates in the month of October 11.2% screen share, standing 1.5 points above the monthly average of the chain.

The merit of the space is twofold, since in addition to being the only afternoon offer that exceeds double digits and a million viewers, it manages to notably raise the data that it previously leaves ‘Direct Spain’, which currently moves in results close to 7%.

‘Aqui la tierra’ is currently the third option in its broadcast slot, behind the unbeatable ‘Pass word’ from Antena 3, which remains unrivaled with audiences above 20%, and also from Telecinco. Nevertheless, TVE’s bet has cut distances with the Mediaset chain, which has unsuccessfully programmed ‘Secret Story’ in the slot from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

In fact, the program produced by Catorce Producciones this month has beaten its competitor, whose audiences are around 12%, up to two times. On October 4, it signed a 12.1% share and 1.4 million viewers compared to 11.5% and 1.3 million of ‘Secret Story: Last Hour’. On Monday 11, 11.8% and 1.2 million were targeted, surpassing the reality show by half a point (11.3% and 1.1 million).

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The Sunday edition, led by Quico Taronjí, also manages to give a boost to the afternoons of Spanish Television. Its three October broadcasts have easily exceeded double digits, with the 10th being the most powerful with 11.8% share and a million and a half viewers.

‘Here the land’ It is confirmed as an oasis of hope in the midst of the drift of the audience of La 1. In addition to accommodating meteorology, the central axis of its contents, in recent weeks it has been very aware of everything that is happening on La Palma after the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.


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