Hélène Martin died at the age of 92. – YouTube screenshot

Hélène Martin has passed away. The singer, songwriter and poet, who set to music the texts of famous poets and friends including Louis Aragon and Jean Giono, died Sunday at the age of 92 in Cordemais (Loire-Atlantique), announced her entourage .

Born in December 1928 in Paris, she had started singing in Parisian cabarets. At the start of the 1960s, she had the idea of ​​setting poets to music by adapting works by Jean Genet, who encouraged her in this direction.

At the head of his own production house

She continues this path by singing the texts of many other poets including René Char, Pablo Neruda, Louis Aragon, Jean Giono etc., but also by creating programs around poetry for television and radio. It was she who had created On my neck, the adaptation of a text by Jean Genet (extract from Sentenced to death) which was then taken over by Etienne Daho.

At the head of her own production house, she has also interpreted her own poems. Among her multiple albums, she notably signed Woman Freedom, inspired by her feminist commitments.


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