Hearing postponed for collapse of L12 to December 3

The accusation hearing against 10 people for acts or omissions in the collapse of an elevated section of Metro Line 12 was postponed to December 3, because the defense of the accused and the victims argued that they did not have enough time to analyze the investigation folder prepared by the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City.

At the summons, for the hearing before a control judge on October 25, attended by the people denounced for the crimes of manslaughter, property damage and culpable injuries, including Enrique Horcasitas, former director of the Metro Project.

They seek a fine for companies

Cristopher Estupiñan, legal advisor to the victims, said that he will demand the imposition of a fine of 24,500 million pesos to the companies that participated in the construction of Line 12 of the Metro and the disqualification from participating in public works.

During the first judicial hearing to impute guilt for the murder of 26 people, the lawyer affirmed that if the CDMX government and the companies want to create a fund to compensate the damages caused by the fall of the subway car, the victims should participate in the conversations around this fund and that it considers a concept for punitive damages.

“There must be an exemplary sanction that generates a consequence in the entire public works industry, so that this is not repeated and that those who participate are very clear that if they commit negligence there will be a consequence,” he said.

Estupiñan assured that in the investigation folder of the prosecution, to which they had access on Friday, October 22, there is no summons to the companies, something that worries the victims. He assured that they see strong opportunities against the companies that designed the Line.

He asserted that behind the backs of his legal advisors, the families of the victims of Line 12 have been sought, in order for them to leave their advice under the argument that it is not necessary to sue because it will “make the job more complicated.” .

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