Health without any resolution in 2024

The best way to start the new year healthy is to gradually incorporate the following tips. Slowly, slowly, very slowly. This is what thousands of people, children and parents, have been telling us for 10 years now! It is therefore my pleasure to convey to you, at the start of the year, from the Cardiovascular Health Action Network, the best of our multidisciplinary experience in prevention in Quebec.

1. Don’t make any resolutions (it’s not sustainable and it never works). The same goes with diets. In the long run, none work.

2. Eat a balanced diet using a so-called Mediterranean dietary approach. The plate of Canada’s Food Guide1 is an excellent representation of this form of eating. It consists of three meals per day, each containing 25% whole grains, 25% plant, animal or fish proteins and 50% fruits and/or vegetables. It also offers the option of two nutritious snacks per day.

3. Reduce your amount of red meat. A little scoop : the WHO will soon issue a recommendation of consumption of between 100 and 400 g of red meat per week depending on different cultures. You will also contribute significantly to saving our planet.

4. Avoid drinking during the week and do it in moderation on the weekends. Water is still free and quite good for your health. We should drink 1.5 to 2 liters per day. We can all improve.

5. Go out for some fresh air, 30 minutes, daily, on foot or by active transportation, ideally passing through a park and try to go into nature at least one day on the weekends.

6. Have a playlist of relaxing music or your favorite hits favorites (or both) ready to listen.

7. Is stress eating away at you? Some podcasts are very effective for getting back to sleep or simply for relaxing. My favorite: Relaxation response2when stress hits hard.


The author recommends getting some fresh air for 30 minutes a day.

8. Plan your week as well as your meals one to two hours per week. You will save time and money throughout the week. You will eat better and stress will improve as a result.

9. According to our nutrition experts, we should no longer demonize food. It must be appreciated with full awareness. Two to three exceptions per week will not spoil your efforts. Try to reduce your sugar intake. We all consume too much.

10. Don’t skip meals. Lunch is essential to properly regulate your appetite throughout the day.

11. Eat at least one meal a day with family or with someone alone you know at work or in the neighborhood.

12. Cook large batches with friends to share and freeze on the weekends.

13. Take time to appreciate the fun times and benefits of your accomplishments.

14. Don’t be allergic to happiness, share it every day with a compliment, a service, a smile. It’s magical and rewarding. Trust a little more.

15. Use humor strategies with the tough ones (your better half, your boss, the little grump in the family).

16. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s bad this week, it will be better next week.

17. Do not reward children or yourself with food. We repeat it, but it’s unhealthy. Share a good time together.

18. Sleep. Sleep alone solves many problems.

19. Shut off screens an hour before going to bed. Overstimulation of your neurons hinders falling asleep and restorative sleep.

20. At the risk of repeating myself, have realistic goals. If it takes an average smoker 10 times to quit, be forgiving. Try again.

For 2024, I wish us a healthier Quebec. Cheers !

* Julie St-Pierre is also the author of Restoring health to the whole family (Editorial) and Everything is decided before two years as well as the founder of Approach 180.


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