Health opens booster vaccination to those over 18 years of age

  • The Public Health Commission reduces the period between the second and third dose to five months

The variant omicron This Thursday has caused a new script twist in the strategy against the coronavirus. The Public Health Commission, in which the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities are present, reduced from six months to five months the time that has to elapse between the second and the third dose and has opened the vaccination to Over 18 years to try to stop the sixth wave. Both measures are related since those under 40 years of age (except for those vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Janssen, who have been included in the groups for weeks to immunize again) will not meet the six-month interval until at least next month and thereafter (from highest to lowest).

But with the change introduced, the autonomies can begin the inoculation of the booster doses in the youngest as soon as possible to try to alleviate, as far as possible, the serious effects of covid in people under 40 years of age, the most reluctant to vaccination. According to Wednesday’s data, 79% of thirty-somethings have the complete guideline and 81% of twenty-somethings, percentages exceeded by about 15 points by those over 40 and by about seven points by adolescents (from 12 to 18 years old). .

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The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has defended the need to shorten the time between doses on the grounds that it is in line with the measures adopted by the surrounding countries, with the “strategic response” to the sixth wave and with the scientific evidence. In fact, numerous studies, including one carried out by the Ministry of Health together with the Medicines Agency and the Carlos III Institute, point out that the antibodies of the first doses of Pfizer and Moderna begin to decline after five months. Hence, the vaccine report, the group of experts that advises Health, has decided to reduce the interval and this measure has been supported this Thursday by the Public Health Commission, according to Darias.

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