Health network: “fattening” the senior public service is not the solution, according to the PQ and QS

The CAQ is taking the wrong path to solve the problems of the health network by “fattening” the senior public service, according to the PQ and solidarity.

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To fight the pandemic, the government of François Legault has inflated the team of state mandarins at the Ministry of Health. There are 60% more deputy ministers than when he came to power four years ago. They were 10 in 2018; they are now 16, unheard of.

PQ MP Joël Arseneau recalls that the CAQ troops nevertheless promised to apply a slimming regime to the state apparatus.

“At the inaugural speech, we were told that we wanted to decentralize. We said that we wanted to give power back to the regions and it is certainly not by fattening the upper echelons of the Health juggernaut that we will precisely succeed in reconnecting with the floor, with the base and with what is happening. on the ground,” said the member for Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

According to him, the CAQ troops do not seem to have learned the lessons of the pandemic. And even if François Legault and his team continue to demonize the centralizing approach of former Liberal minister Gaétan Barrette, it is clear that they are not ready to drop it, insists Mr. Arseneau.

“It is as if [le gouvernement] said: “I serve you the speech of decentralization, but I increase the capacity of the ministry to dictate things from above”! adds the PQ. It is probably among the governments that will have grown the civil service and the senior civil service the most.”

Solidarity deputy Ruba Ghazal deplores that the CAQ has “swelled the head of the pyramid of the health network”, while it is sorely lacking in resources on the ground.

She warns Minister Christian Dubé against the temptation to base the famous “refoundation” of the network, which is to be unveiled on Tuesday, on the multiplication of leading heads. According to her, this exercise must on the contrary go through the revaluation of caregivers and people in the field.

“The CAQ has also made its bread and butter by denouncing this type of appointments when it was in opposition. I understand that there was a pandemic and that we had to act quickly, but now the government is going to have to explain to us what it intends to do with some of these deputy minister positions once the pandemic is over”, underlines the member for Mercier.


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