Health is what matters, by Josep Cuní

The week is leaving us health in the foreground. Because of the new contradictions about the persistent pandemic, the effectiveness of the vaccine that insists and the persistence of the virus that resists. The omicron now, like the variants that have been succeeding, has once again shaken personal spirits, the collective economy, health decisions and government concerns on the eve of a Christmas that was wished to be recovered. And neither. Main and side effects of a threat that stretches over time, while maintaining uncertainty as the dominant element among a society that promised them very happy waiting to release 2020 of their dreams and that is still here, almost two years later. Doubting if one day the nightmare will disappear and he will be able to recover the dreams still frustrated and the projects still parked. And all because of what no one foresaw, much less feared. That a virus was the cause that forces us to write this long present, between permanent question marks and many ellipsis.

A part of the inheritance that the covid would leave us has been advanced to us a long time ago. It was the psychological sequelae that are already here caused by environmental tension, also maintained by constant corrections and the difficulty of adapting to different circumstances that are new and perverse. And they told us about the mental health as the next great challenge to overcome. The previous owner of Salut did it, Alba Vergés, in his farewell and Pere Aragonès assumed it in his presidential debut. And chose a specialized center as a destination for their first official outing, to project an image of awareness and commitment. Seven months later, the disappointments of those affected worsen who do not find a solid alternative or timely care. And they recounted their exploits in the Parliament where a Catalan from La Noguera, Mercè Torrantallé, caused a strange silence and aroused an unusual unanimity after spitting in the face of the representatives of the citizenry that they, those affected, are not a disease with legs.

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Of something similar he had lamented Veronica Forqué Vázquez-Vigo (Madrid, December 1, 1955 / December 13, 2021), when he publicly explained his depression, described his helplessness and acknowledged his struggle and effort. A situation that he could not overcome by participating in Masterchef, a contest that he had to abandon between jokes and claws. The raw experience of a ‘reality show’, which, even when heated on elegant stoves and served with skillful mastery, can destroy with cruel education. And while society tries to assimilate so many past mistakes and hidden episodes of this type of victims, a debate opens on the channel that questions opportunities and procedures of a program considered as white as a tablecloth and radiant as a late-model kitchen. His psychology studies were of no use to the person nor the four Goyas of the actress. Neither are movie hits or television popularity.

Nothing is neutral in this life. And, if not, ask the four million Americans who have said enough to the job they had and have voluntarily fired to be able to enjoy your time and your life without pressure or stress. Free as the bird that escaped from its prison and can finally fly.

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