Health advisers will propose restrictions in Catalonia for Christmas today

Plus restrictions to slow the rapid advance of covid in Catalonia, similar to the rest of Spain. This is what many experts ask for. And this Thursday, the Dr. Magda Campins, president of the scientific advisory committee of the covid, explained to TV-3 that they finalize a document that they will deliver to the Government on Friday in which they will urge to accelerate the third doses and in which will propose more restrictive measures at Christmas: “Accelerating vaccination is not enough, more restrictions would be needed, “said the expert. Among these, they advocate facilitating teleworking, expanding the covid passport, reducing encounters, and accelerating the reinforcement of vaccination, something, the latter, which has already been approved.

Initially the Government has no planned restrictions. The Government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja, said this Tuesday, who recognized that an increase in infections and indicators was expected for at least two weeks, that is, until Christmas Day itself. The current effort, he underlined, focuses on the convenient fulfillment of the existing ones, specifically, the introduction of the so-called ‘covid passport’.

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However, more and more voices are calling for tougher measures. Experts consulted by this newspaper have assumed that in January, once the festivities are over, there will be more restrictions, Although the Generalitat insists that they are not on the table at least for the moment. It is very possible that the capacity limitations and time closures, and that is precisely what the doctors and epidemiologists contacted by EL PERIÓDICO ask for.

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