He kills his father with knives in his house in Murcia

a 29-year-old has allegedly killed stabbing his father in the family home where they lived in Campos del Río, Murcia, this Monday Several people present in the vicinity of the house called the 112 Emergency Coordination Center of the Region of Murcia alerting of the fight between father and son in the Street Schools from the town of the Comarca del Río Mula and that has been tragically settled.

During the brawl at the family home, the son reportedly employed a White weapon to end his father’s life, after half past nine at night. Since 112 they have confirmed that it is an event of domestic violence.

Until the place of the events they moved agents of the Civil Guard, who arrested the suspect, of Spanish nationality. An ambulance from the Mula Emergency Service was also mobilized, whose health workers tried to resuscitate the victimbut they could do nothing to save his life.

Sources close to the case pointed out that it is a well-known unstructured family from Campos del Río. The same sources also maintain that the alleged perpetrator told his mother earlier that he leave the house if she didn’t want him to kill her too.

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The body of the deceased has been transferred to the Murcia Institute of Legal Medicine, so that the autopsy determines the cause of death.

Its about second crime that occurs in the Region of Murcia in just twenty days, since last October 7 Manoli, a neighbor of Lorca, died asphyxiated in Zorrilla street in Ciudad del Sol. An acquaintance of hers was arrested, ‘El Margarito’, whom the judge sent to provisional prison as the alleged perpetrator of the events.


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