The program ‘street‘ gave us great moments and mythical characters of television in our country. One of them is Aresbetter known as the ‘Pim, pam, take milkshakes‘, a young man who was recorded while doing a breathalyzer test when he returned from a party.

During the recording, Ares -visibly affected- appears laughing continuously, and pronouncing phrases that are already in everyone’s memory, such as “Long live Spain, long live the king, long live order and law & rdquor; or “Pim, pam, have some sweeties & rdquor ;. All this while a patient agent of the Civil Guard try to make one breathalyzer testthat has to repeat several times until, finally, he tests positive and takes home a penalty fee of 600 euros.

The video of the moment it has been circulating on the internet for more than ten years, and in Youtube It already accumulates more than two million reproductions.

Radical change

Years later, Michelin decided to count on him for an advertising campaign called ‘Good Bad Drivers’, in which Ares appears with an obvious change not only physicalbut also at the behavioral level.

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“We went on a night out. One of many. We got like tuna. When we left the club they were waiting for us, and I came upstairs, I saw the situation and I started clowning around & rdquor ;, he says in the video.

During the conversation, Ares also acknowledges her repentance: “I made money, but money comes and goes. But really, if i went back i wouldn’t” says, and adds: “Perhaps I am not the best person to tell anyone anything, but to become famous by going drunk and for doing nonsense it is not very pleasant either & rdquor ;.

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